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Peers: Finding Pots of Gold - Austin

TAGT Austin Mini-Con 2013

Stacia Trahan Taylor

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Peers: Finding Pots of Gold - Austin

Family Fun! Gifted people develop asynchronously which means often their peers will not be of the same age. Interestingly, as adults we don't segregate or work by age so it is an artificial environment for children. Once you let go of looking for same age peers, the world opens up a lot! Mentors Sometimes you can find clubs to join
Sometimes you have to start them yourself. Clubs Volunteer My experience has been when my girls volunteered with others passionate about the same cause, people forgot to ask how old they were..... Summer Programs www.awesomemath.org/summer-program/
http://masterschoolkids.com/contactus.htm gcmensa.org/index.php
www.geocaching.com/ Peers and the Gifted Child:
Finding Pots of Gold TAGT Parent Mini-Conference - Austin Let's connect! email: staciared2@gmail.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/stacia.trahantaylor
twitter: twitter.com/TxParentingPG
blog: ameanderingjourney.wordpress.com/ Online Communities and classes for Gifted Kids I imagine the journey to finding true peers as a treasure hunt. Whether at the end of a rainbow or where X marks the spot, it is not an easy journey for many gifted children and their parents. My kids are certainly the captains of this pirate ship but they need a navigator and that is me. I hear word of mouth legends and myths but where is the map? The truth is, there is no map. I hope today's resources help you navigate to better peer relations for your child. Peers My daughter thought peers
looked like It often felt as though
my daughter's relationships
looked like I really thought every day should look like How do I find
a mentor? Saturday Morning Math Group / The Austin Math Circle

The Austin Forum

Hot Science Cool Talks

Breakfast Bytes

Take a class in an area of passion as a way to meet teachers and mentors.
Lectures at local universities and museums.
Email prominent lecturers with questions.
Call university colleges and ask. Austin Gem & Mineral Society
Austin Astronomical Society
The Austin Shutterbug Club
http://www.austinshutterbug.com/index.html Look for clubs with
no age barriers Create a club in an area of passion
in order to meet kids of similar interest Lego robotics club
Cooking club
Art museum club
Movie club
Philosophy club www.volunteermatch.org www.ctd.northwestern.edu/gll/
www.onlineg3.com/ Online classes with live component: Safe online forums for gifted kids www.cogito.org
www.giftedhaven.net/ Further Resources
www.nagc.org It is my hope these resources and ideas help you and your child begin finding the treasure of true peers so you have more days that look like link to this presentation: prezi.com/user/staciataylor/ Professor
Condensed Matter - Theoretical
High Energy - Theoretical Dr. Roland Allen They could even start their own charity https://www.facebook.com/lemonaidgirls
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