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Dork diaries tales from not so happy heartbreaker

No description

daniella ostorga

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Dork diaries tales from not so happy heartbreaker

Door Diaries: Tales From Not So Happy Heartbreaker

Author : Rachel Renee Russell
Book in a prezi by:Daniella Ostorga
The genre of the book is comedy .
Main Characters
Other characters
The conflict was that someone stole Brandon's phone and Nikki didn't know. Nikki kept getting really mean messages from Brandon.She didn't know that someone stole Brandon's phone.Nikki thought that Brandon was a jerk and got really mad at him
Book cover

Their are three main characters.One of them is Nikki another character is Brandon and the third character is Mackenzie.
Their were three main characters.One of the characters is Nikki she has a little sister named Brianna.Her best friends are Chloe and Zoey and her enemy is Mackenzie. She is in middle school.Another main character is Brandon he goes to middle school and doesn't like Mackenzie.The third main character is Mackenzie.She is very mean and doesn't like Nikki she is also in middle school with Nikki and Brandon.

Their were 2 settings one of them was at Nikki's house and the other setting was at school.In Nikki's house she found the dress she was going to wear and she cried a lot there.In the the middle school Nikki found the truth and she cried a lot in the bathroom too.
Nikki Maxwell she had a crush on a boy named Brandon.Brandon asked Nikki out on a date and she was very excited.Brandon had his birthday party and Mackenzie came.She was not invited.Nikki kept waiting for Brandon to call her and he never did.Brianna her little sister did her hair and she looked hideous.Brianna took her phone and sent a picture of Nikki to everyone in her contact.Brandon canceled their date and Nikki felt really bad.There was going to be a dance at Nikki's middle school.Nikki wanted to ask Brando to the dance and Brandon said yes.Nikki started to look for her dress, she couldn't find a dress then her grandma sent her a dress that she loved.Then the day of the dance Nikki got a text message that was from Brandon saying that he was sick and that he could not go to then dance.Nikki started to cry and she felt really bad .Her friends convinced her to still go to the dance. When Nikki got to the dance she could not believe was she saw Brandon was there.Nikki went to the bathroom to cry and then Brandon came in the girls bathroom .He said ti Nikki that his phone got stolen and that he never sent those messages. the found out who took the phone.
I think the theme is friends always stay by your side.I think this because when Nikki was really sad her friends always stayed by her
Favorite part of the book
My favorite part of the book was when Brianna did Nikki's hair and make up and then send a picture of Nikki to all of her contacts.
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