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Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

No description

Karis Koett

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Thesis Statement for a Research Paper
What Is a Thesis Statement?
1. A
single sentence
that describes that the whole paper is about

2. The
last sentence
of the introduction (
first paragraph

Adolf Hitler impacted World War II by invading other countries, forcing Jews into concentration camps, and sending all eligible German males to war.
A. Topic (noun)

B. Specific Action (verb phrase)

C. Importance (verb phrase[s])
Step 1:
Choose a topic!!
(Look at the topic list given to you.)

Pick One:
- Horses
- Dogs
- Rats
Step 2:
Ask yourself this question...

Why does this topic matter? What is so important or significant about this thing?

the question.
Example Using Structure
A. Main Topic (noun): Adolf Hitler

B. Action (verb): impacted World War II

C. Importance (phrases):
- by invading other countries
- forcing Jews into concentration camps
- sending all eligible German males to war.
(Animal) impacted human history.
Step 3:
Take your answer to the question in Step 2, and get as specific as you possibly can.

NOTE: This part might require a wee bit of initial research.
The horse's impact on humans:

- ease of movement for people and goods
- faster travel from one place to another
- warfare and the cavalry
- hunting
- communication between distant peoples
Step 4:
Now put it all together!

A. Horses
B. Impacted human history
C. Made movement between locations easier, allowed for quicker communication, and provided more power during wartime
Yeah, But in a Sentence:
Horses impacted human history by making movement between locations easier, allowing for quicker communication, and providing more power during wartime.
You have done TWO THINGS!!!!

1. You wrote a thesis statement. Yay!

2. You outlined your entire research paper. Huzzah!
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