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Why I am Awesome

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Grady Evans

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Why I am Awesome

Why I am Awesome
Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. —Jack Welch

The Positives
-After looking at some negative aspects, we will now look at some positive ones.
- There are many things I need to work on

- Understanding controlled and uncontrolled adjustments
-e.x height & outlook

- I will be focusing on the personality traits and leading styles that I think need improvement
-Not only do I want to strive to be an "awesome" individual, but also to make others "awesome" as well.
Grady Evans
-We will go through what I consider to be my greatest personal achievements, some of my personality traits, and some characteristics of who I am.
"Quick to Judge"
- Find myself making opinions based on what others think

- Inaccurate first impressions

-Makes me "put up a wall"

- Need to get to know people first
Opinionated Personality
"My Way or No Way" -Very Independent
Short Tempered
- Always voice my opinion (Good and Bad)

- Results in a lot of arguments

- Gravitates myself towards those with similar opinions

- Need to listen and understand others
- Have a hard time seeing alternate opinions and ideas

- Work best independently, and often find group work frustrating

- Sometimes hard to cooperate with

- Need to expand my horizon and give other ideas a chance

- "If it's not perfect, why do it" mentality

- Good and bad

- Very time consuming, causes frustration in others

- Need to look at what's important and compress time spent
- Get frustrated and annoyed easily

- If someone doesn't get something, I have a hard time coping with them

- In most scenarios, the smallest things can throw me off

- Need to work on understanding and coping
-what does it mean?
-why is it significant?
-how does it tie into my idea of a leader?
-who is Jack Welch?
Career Relating to my Quote
Teacher or Professor
- All about leading others
- About the kids, not you
- Successful teachers are not necessarily the most successful individuals
-Sometimes the smartest teachers aren't the best teachers
But is it right for me?
University Programs
BA in Mathematics for Education- York University
Concurrent BA/ BEd (Honours course)- Brock University
- 5 year Program
- General Teaching Degree
- Combines Bachelor of Arts program with Teaching program
- Direct from Highschool
- Co-op is offered
- For Grades 4-12
- 4 year program
- For math teachers
- Receive BA
- Direct from high school
- For Grades 7+
"Thirsty for Knowledge"
Sense of Humour
-good in some situations, not so good in leadership
- Ability to laugh at myself

- Generally fun guy to be around

-Try to keep even serious topics light in mood

- Add humour to make boring tasks more fun to motivate others
- Have no problem with saying the cold hard truth

- "It's easier to tell the truth then to lie anyways"

- Honesty is the key to any type of relationship

- Builds trust
-rather sacrifice something by telling the truth than try to save it by lying
- I think this is a main contributor in my academic success

-"You never stop learning"

- WANT to learn versus NEED to learn.

- A habit that will help me all throughout my life
- One of my favourite traits

-Creativity leads to expressing, expressing leads to influence

- Songwriting, hockey, video editing

- Without creativity, our world would be a very boring place

Ambitious/Determined Mindset
-Won't settle for anything less than the best

- Once I set my eyes on something, there's no stopping me

- Setbacks and roadblocks don't stop me

- I'll go to the extremes

-Drives me to reach my full potential
-We all have our strengths and flaws, and that's what makes us unique.
"Thick Skinned" somethings, but when someone crosses a line I make sure they know it
- if someone's mad and I agree with the opposing opinion, I'll tell them
-John Lennon
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