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4th Grade- Change final y to i

A Prezi for Journeys Unit 3 Lesson 15 spelling words

Ami Griggs

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of 4th Grade- Change final y to i

Changing final y to i 4th Grade- Journeys Unit 3 Lesson 15 When a word ends with y you will USUALLY change it to an i before adding a word ending. Word Endings:
-est -er busy + er =

busier noisy + er =

noisier healthy + er =

healthier breezy + er =

breezier friendly + er =

friendlier easy + er =

easier - es butterfly + es =

butterflies lady + es =

ladies family + es =

families country + es =

countries hobby + es =

hobbies -est tiny + est =

tiniest lazy + est =

laziest pretty + est =

prettiest funny + est =

funniest happy + est =

happiest -ed copy + ed =

copied pity + ed =

pitied spy + ed =

spied study + ed =

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