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Rand Graphics

Company Presentation

Matthew Jenkins

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Rand Graphics

Fun Facts About Kansas

National Distribution
aisle violators • aluminum signs • back-lit signs • banners • books • box labels • brochures • calendars catalogs • clings • danglers • envelopes • floor graphics • headers • letterheads • magnets • manuals outdoor signs • pennant strings • point-of-sale • posters • signs • standees • table tents • tear pads translites • two-sided decals • vinyl & poly ring binders • window decals • window signs • wobblers
Our Products

is to the complete satisfaction of our clients as we strive to provide the most comprehensive graphic solution available.

Continuous improvement, firmly built
on the controlling techniques.
Manufacturing Powerhouse
Pre-Press Color Experts
Inside Our Press Rooms
12 presses
Small Format 11"x17"
Medium Format 28"x40"
Large Format 59"x81"
11 presses
Small Format 12"x18"
Medium Format 60"x144"
Large Format 54"x218"
8 presses
Fuji Acuity HSX2
Digital Printer
120.1" x 98.5
4cp + 2 whites
Newly Installed
Small Format 2"x3"
Medium Format 13"x19"
Large Format 98"x120"
The Largest
Sized In-House
Print Capabilities
Across The US
Fuji Final Proofing System
Computer to Plate
Computer to Screen
Where Technology Meets Art
Print Specialization Paper - Plastic - Vinyls
The Sunflower is the state flower
The windiest city in the US
The first woman mayor in the US
was Susan Mador in 1887
The airplane manufacturing
capital of the world
Most barbecue restaurants per
capita in the US
The Happy Meal originated here
Geodetic Center of North America
The "Jam session" originated here
Hosted the most NCAA men's
championship games
Certified Passion
HQ Wichita, KS
South West
North East
When shipping from
When shipping from
Cost-effective, responsive and ready to meet your needs.
96% of the US in 1-3 days

5%-17% lower freight costs
ISO 9000 Certification
measuring and statistics are necessary elements.

certified professionals in color management across multiple mediums.
Innovation & Structural Design
When shipping from
When shipping from
44% of the US is a 4-5 day point
vs. shipping from KS
5% - 10% cost premium

27% of US is a 4 day point
vs. shipping from KS
8% - 17% cost premium
No Frills Logistical Comparison
North East
Central Location
When shipping from
South West
When shipping from
250,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center
10,000(+) kits shipped per week
Excellent packaging accuracy
Two way vision
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