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Updated ISP presentation

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San Antonio College Advising

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Updated ISP presentation

Learning Outcomes
Personal Mission Statement
Why Individual Success Plan (ISP)
6 credit hours of English Composition

3 credit hours of Speech Communications

6 credit hours of Language, philosophy or culture

3 credit hours of Mathematics

6-8 credit hours of Life/Physical Sciences

3 credit hours of Social and Behavioral Science

6 credit hours of American history
6 credit hours of Government/political sciences

3 credit hours of Creative Arts
(ISP) Individual Success Plan
Alamo Institutes (Advising Centers)
Purpose/ Mission statement
Who is my advisor?
Alamo Institutes
Enrollment Options
Academic Success
Core Curriculum
Development Sequences
Types of Degrees and Transfer Plans
Your GPS

Creative & Communication Arts
MLC 1st floor
Health & Biosciences
NAHC 109
Science & Technology

CAC 103
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math
To complete a required assignment for your Student Development course and to fulfill a state mandate for ISP by the 15hr.

To prepare for future registration and scheduling options.

To track your progress for a projected completion date for graduation and transfer.
Select a career path or major
To change your major visit with your advisor then complete form with admissions and records
Types of Degrees


Transfer Plans

Advising/Transfer Services

Inform Advisor of intent to transfer and where.
Visit your assigned Advisor to review transfer plans/guides.
Visit Transfer Services for updates on University visits.

Student Resources
Locate University transfer plans/guides links available online.
Schedule a visit with a University representative,(Sign up online).
Participate in our bi-annual transfer fairs for the Fall and Spring semesters.
Access educational directories, University catalogs and web resources.

Most institutions will accept 66 hours of transferable credit!

Transfer Plans provide details on specific course requirements for the Transfer Institution you plan to transfer to. Each university has different course requirements and transferability limitations.

A Transfer Plan ensures completion of required prerequisites and transferable of courses for the major & degree at the Transfer Institution.
This will save you time and money!

Find your Transfer Plan online at
Visit the Transfer and Career Center – MLC 1st Floor

Texas Core Curriculum Transfer Law:

All degree requirements include a General Education Core Curriculum. Every public institution in Texas has a Core, which is designed to provide a solid foundation for your college education and to make transfers between and among Texas institutions of higher education as smooth and seamless as possible.

42 Hours
Spring & Fall Semester Terms
16 weeks (Full semester)
14 Weeks (Start II)
8 Weeks (Flex I)
8 Weeks (Flex II)

Standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge
Available in several subject areas, listing available on the assessment website

Who should take CLEP?

Students fluent in a language other than English
Students who completed AP courses in high school
Students who have earned at least 6 hours of college credit at Alamo colleges

Benefits of CLEP

Earn up to 32 credit hours toward your degree
Total Cost $100, compared to an estimated $507 in tuition dollars for a 3 credit hour class
An earlier projected completion, graduation and transfer date

What is
A personal mission statement is inspirational and begins to shape your future and provide focus.

Identify your values, principles, attitude, and outlook on life. Who are you? What do you have do you have to offer?

Review your skills, abilities, and interests? What are your good at?

What can I build on or what can I enhance?

Create a statement (3-5 sentences) that represents your goals, dreams and aspirations. How do you want to impact those around you? How do you want to change the world?
Enrollment Status
Fall/Spring Sessions (Flex Included)
Full-Time = 12 or more hours
3 Quarter Time = 9-11 hours
Part-Time = 6-8 hours
Summer Sessions
Maymester = 3 hours (max)
Full-Time = 6 or more hours
Part-Time = Less than 6 hours
Maximum Enrollment
Fall/Spring – 18 hours
Summer term – 12 hours

Alamo GPS Worksheet
Degree Progress
Name your ISP
Course Selection
Saving your Plan
Submit your plan
Thank you
English / Integrated Reading & Writing (INRW)
INRW 0120 + 0420
ENGL 0101 + 1301

ENGL 1301

ENGL 1302
RSG, Ready, Set,Go
College Level
(INRW 0420 is a Prerequisite to many core classes)
MATH 0305

MATH 0310 or MATH 0420

MATH 0320 or (MATH 1332 check with advisor)

MATH 1332 Contemporary Math I (Math for Liberal Arts Majors
MATH 1442 Elementary Statistical Methods

MATH 1314 College Algebra
MATH 1414 College Algebra (Precal Track)
MATH 1324 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math Sequence
College Level
In each term you must maintain a Grade Point Average-GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to maintain Good Academic Standing.

Academic Probation Status
-when cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0

Continued Probation Status
-ability to stay enrolled while on academic probation because current GPA is 2.0 or above and cumulative is below 2.0 GPA

Academic Dismissal Status
-on academic probation or continued probation and failure to maintain a GPA of a 2.0 for the current and/or cumulative. Requires an “Academic Dismissal petition process”.

Procedures are developed to positively intervene on behalf of students. Always check your ACES to view emails from the advising department.

Early Alert Campaign
-promotes student success and retention by identifying students experiencing academic difficulties

Academic Success
Full term (16 week)
Start II (14 week)
Flex I & Flex II (8 week)

Course Format options
Identify who your certified advisor is by logging into your ACES account and following these simple steps:
Click on My Page Tab (4th from the left)
Under Academic Profile (on the left) select the current term & press Go
Your advisor's name and picture will appear under the "Advisors" title
Academic standing may affect your max enrollment
Satisfactory Academic Progress
To continue receiving Financial Aid you must be in good SAP.
of the courses you register for
Maintain a GPA of a 2.0
Must not exceed 99 hours
Depending on major
Spring and Fall
Maymester (3 week)
Summer Session I & II
5 Weeks
8 Weeks
8 hours max
8 hours max
12 hrs 12 hrs = 100% completion
Completion rate
12 hrs 6 hrs = 50% completion
SAP is calculated at the end of every Spring semester
Questions please see Financial Aid?
Your “Transfer Intent”
Identify the transfer institution of choice
Document your “Transfer Intent” on GPS Planner
This is part of your GPS Planner assignment
To identify and document your “Transfer Intent” & Personal Mission Statement.
Business, Entrepreneurship
Public Service
NTC 324B
14 hours max
(See Core handout)
(See Concentration handout)
Need a map? http://www.alamo.edu/sac/map/
Gracie Alvarez at 210-486-0445 or
by email galvarez39@alamo.edu

Disabilities Services and Veterans Affairs
MLC 1 st floor
*Vary based on course subjects
*Must pass courses with a C or better
Click on Planner
Name your ISP under description- to include your major
ex. Spring 2016 Liberal Arts
Then Select the courses you want to take
Course Selection
Enter (Drag) the selected course in your planner
Select save plan
Select "NO" while you are still editing the plan
Submit your plan
Select 'Yes" to submit for advisor review and approval
Submitting your plan
After saving the plan this message will appear to let you know the plan is ready for an advisor's review
Select Term First
Submit your ISP through your GPS
After submitting your ISP for approval , you must make an appointment with your assigned advisor.
Email your advisor with your alamo.edu student email account to avoid it going to junk mail.
Appointments fill up, do not wait to last minute.
There are additional advising centers ex. Veterans Affairs, Empowerment Center, Dual Credit (Check your ACES for your advisor's name ).
Make sure your advisor provides you a signed copy of your ISP.
Submit your signed ISP copy from your advisor to your SDEV/EDUC faculty member. (Will accept email or electronic signature)
*Must pass courses with a C or better
* RSG courses are not offered in Summer
*Must enter development classes manually
Math 0105+Math0305
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