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Sika Wibowo

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Geography

Effects of eruption
Agung volcano
Argia, Dito, Sika 10B
Information of volcano
Causes of eruption
Chronology of eruption
Mt. Agung
El Chichon:
El Chichon

-Rapid escalation of activity at El Chichón
- first quick explosion
Victims and aftermath
Why people live in the area
Mountain Agung :

Mount Agung:
Killed: 1.549 people
Injured: 296 people
Evacuated in damaged zone: 100.000
Damaged more than 1700 houses
Lost their livelihood
Why is this MEDC/LEDC unable / able to cope with this eruption?
Mount Agung:

16 February 1963: Soft earthquake
18 February 1963: Loud noises.
24 February 1963: Viscous lava flows.
17 March 1963: More explosive eruption.
16 May 1963: The second eruption.
November- January 26: High smoke.
27 January 1964: The eruption was st

The highest mountain in Bali
4 times erupted: 1808, 1821, 1843, 1963
Still active at this time.
El Chichon
largest volcanic disaster in modern Mexican history.
last eruption 600 years ago
3 plinian eruption
Known to be "dormant"
Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt and the Guatemalan Belt
Some of the Balinese believe that Mt. Agung is the sacred mountain that is a sign of greatness of the God.
They also believe that Mt. Agung is the replica of Mt. Maru, the central axis of universe.
often suffer more from the effects of volcanoes and earthquakes than MEDCs.
are more likely to have the resources and technology for monitoring, prediction and response.
Looking Back at the 1982 eruption of El Chichón in Mexico - Wired

Science. 2014. Looking Back at the 1982 eruption of El Chichón in

Mexico - Wired Science. [ONLINE] Available at:

Duffield, W.A., et al., 1984, Geology of El Chichón volcano,

Chiapas, Mexico. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 20,

pp. 117-132.

Espíndola, J.M., et al., 2000. Volcanic history of El Chichón

Volcano (Chiapas, Mexico) during the Holocene, and its impact on

human activity. Bulletin of Volcanology, 62, pp. 90-104.
monitor volcano
El Chichon
Mount in Agung Bali. 2013.View Bali
Agung Volcano.2007.Volcano Discovery.
Atmospheric turbidity after the Agung eruption 1963.
The 1963-1964 eruption of Agung Volcano. NASA
The 7.5-km-long lava flow of approximately 0.1 km3 volume in the first 26 days of activity began on 19 February. On 17 March 1963, a major moderate intensity (-4×107 kg/s) explosive phase occurred with an ~3.5-h-long climax. This phase produced an eruption column estimated to have reached heights of 19 to 26 km above sea level and deposited a scoria lapilli
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