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Visual Communication Programme Forum - Spring Term

No description

Stephanie Rice

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Visual Communication Programme Forum - Spring Term

Visual Communication
Programme Forum
Summer Term
Wednesday 30th April 2014
Welcome and What Programme Forums Are...
Any questions?

Please email Stephanie or Caroline

First and Second Year Business
Communication and Administration
Programme Communication
- check
emails, calendars and notice boards
Elective Reviews - Wednesday 30th and Thursday 1st May (A/I Thursday 8th May)
Interim Assessments - refer to Programme Handbook
CHS Dissertation 1000 word submission - won't pass Interim until this is submitted
Final Show - Help from 1st Year Students?
Next Forum:
Next Academic Year
First Year Business

Sound Seminars - Jon Wozencroft
Sound Prize - Jon Wozencroft
Eady Forum - Event Tonight!
Red Tape
Varley Awards - Jeff
Second Year Business
Final Assessments
Professional Practice (Cecilia Wee)
Show 2014 (Cecilia Wee)
Relocation of desks during Show
Final Show arrangements and refurbishments
Tutorial Reports
First Years to complete their tutorial reports after Interim Assessments
. Second Years to complete their tutorials before Final Assessments.
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