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Caroline Mi.

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of wicked

WICKED SETTING The setting of Wicked is Oz. The setting contributes to the tone because it adds a whimsical and fun feel. It adds that feel because it is make believe. Also in other books
about Oz the author described it as "fairy country"and includes places like the Emerald City, Quadling Country, Winnki Country, and Munchkin Land. If the setting were to be in a haunted ghost town then the tone would be negative and scary not happy and fun. The setting effects the plot because it adds excitement. Because it is a magical world, the audience never knows what is going to happen.
For example when Glinda and Elphaba go to the Emerald City the audience is expecting something big to happen because it is a magical place. SET MUSIC Word Choice Deifying Gravity The set of Wicked is colorful and elaborate.
This adds to the tone because it is bright and looks
cheerful. It also helps change the tone as the plot progresses. For example in the resolution when Elphaba is being hunted through the castle the set
is dark and scary which helps change the tone
from light-hearted and fun to scary and suspenseful. Oz's Palace Dorthy's House The costumes of Wicked are colorful and crazy. They help create the tone because they are whimsical and they look cheerful. The costumes also tell us about the characters. For example Elphaba wears a simple black dress which shows her simple personality while Glinda wears sparkly, colorful, and outrageous costumes which shows the audience that she is very outgoing. The music of Wicked is peppy and upbeat which
supports a fun tone. I know this because the only ballads in the musical Wicked are "I'm Not That Girl", "For Good", " Long As Your Mine", and "No Good Deed". That is only 4 out of the 20 songs in the musical. Also, the the music helps change the tone in parts of the story. For example in the resolution, when Elphaba sees Glinda for the last time, the song " For Good", changes the tone from suspenseful to sad and heart felt. The music contributes to the plot because it conveys important information about the plot. An example of this is in the exposition, when the song, "No One Mourns The Wicked", introduces the characters, setting, and the conflict. The word choice in the musical Wicked helps create the tone because when the playwright wants to develop a certain tone for a song they use words with certain connotations. For example when the playwright wants to create a happy tone they use words with positive connotations, and when they want to create a sad or serious tone then they use words with negative connotations. For example in the song ,"Popular", Galinda sings lyrics such as "La la, la la! You'll be popular! Just not quite as popular as ME!" and she says things like "Why, Miss Elphaba, look at you. You're beautiful!". These phrases all have positive connotations which supports a happy cherry tone. COSTUMES Figurative Language Hyperbole "flying off the handle"
"I'm through with playing by
The rules of someone else's game"
"Too late to go back to sleep"
"Close my eyes And leap"
"It's time to try defying gravity"
"Well if that's love It comes at much too high a cost"
"you can't pull me down"
"kiss me goodbye"
"Together we're unlimited"
"Together we'll be the greatest team There's ever been"
"There's no fight we cannot win"
"Everyone deserves the chance to fly" Defying Gravity Similes Thank Goodness "Like some terrible green blizzard"
"she can shed her skin As easily as a snake" Personification For Good "Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun"
"Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood"
"You'll be with me Like a handprint on my"
"Like a ship blown from its mooring By a wind off the sea"
"Like a seed dropped by a skybird In a distant wood " There is not much personification in the
songs of Wicked but there is personification
within the characters. Characters Dr. Dillimond the talking goat
The Cowardly Lion
The Tin Man Boq
Fiyero the Scarecrow
Some of the flying monkeys "Defying Gravity "is often referred to as
the "most memorable song in Wicked".
It contributes to the musical in many
ways. This song is preformed in the
climax which makes it the song that impacts the audience the most by adding suspense. Also this song introduces a new side of Elphabas personality. This introduces a new part of the conflict. Before the climax Elphaba was more insecure and shy, but after the climax she found her voice, stood up for whats write, and became confident. Also before, Elphabas biggest problem was that she was different, but after she becomes the most wanted criminal in Oz. POINT OF VIEW There are many different points of view in the musical Wicked. The points of view I am going to focus on are : Galinda's point of view and Elphaba's point of view. Galinda's point of view is that you should do what people want you to do to get what you want . Elphaba's point of view is that you should fight to get what is right. The author conveys these points of view through the song "Defying Gravity". When Galinda says, "I hope you're happy how you've hurt your cause forever I hope you think you're clever" and also says "Elphie, listen to me. Just say you're sorry. You can still be with the Wizard what you've worked and waited for. You can have all you ever wanted", this shows she thinks that Elphaba should just agree with the Wizard even though what he's doing is wrong to get what she wants. When Elphaba says to Galinda , "I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition" and "I know but I don't want it - No! I can't want it anymore", this shows that she thinks doing what is right is more important than getting what you want. Another way the author conveys these two points of view is by having Galinda and Elphaba react to the same scenario differently. For example, when the Wizard offers Elphaba a chance at fame and fortune she does not accept, even though she will never get another chance. She knows what the Wizard is doing is wrong. While on the other hand, when Glinda gets the offer, she quickly accepts. This is all she ever wanted. Even though she knows what she is doing is wrong, she is still willing to do it to get what she wants. REALITY TO FICTION Even though Wicked is a heavily fantasized musical, the playwright does keep some aspects of reality. For example, one of the main ideas of this musical is friendship. As Elphaba and Galinda's friendship progresses they face the same types of problems that most real life friends face today. For example, in the article "Healthy Friend Relationships", it says "Peer pressure can play a major role in friendships. If someone is vulnerable to peer pressure, the relationship is not balanced." In Wicked , Galinda is always trying to be popular. This makes her vulnerable to peer pressure. Elphaba was so different from her peers that no one wanted to be her friend. Other challenges Galinda and Elphaba face that could be faced in realistic friendships are; clashing personality, popularity, jealousy, and boy problems. The playwright chose to keep these aspects of reality in the story to make the characters believable and easy to relate to. This makes the story more entertaining for the audience. The playwright of Wicked bends reality in many ways. For example, in everyday friendships, the biggest problem that young people face is dealing with insults from their peers. In Wicked , the problems that Elphaba and Galinda face are that Elphaba is green and has magical powers that she will not use them to help the Wizard . The playwright bends reality because the musical is geared toward preteen and teenage girls. They do not want to go and watch a three hour musical about teenage friendship problems. They want action and suspense which the fantasy element of the story provides. Dr. Dillimond Cowardly Lion
Tin Man
Scarecrow Flying Monkey
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