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Monday, March 27th

No description

William Barber

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Monday, March 27th

Monday, March 27th
M: In your seat.
V: Level of 0
P: Solve the following

A father has blue eyes (bb) and the mother has brown eyes with the genotype BB, what is the percent chance that a newborn will have a phenotype of blue eyes?
Mini Lesson
Offspring that are the result of mating between genetically similar kinds of parents--the opposite of hybrid.  Purebred is the same as true breeding.
Work Period
1. Begin Spongebob genetics activity.
2. Complete the following for a grade by the end of the period.
3. If not completed take home for HW, this will be counted towards work ethic and contribution.
- offspring that are the result of mating between two genetically different kinds of parents--the opposite of purebred
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