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Texting and Driving

No description

Jacari G

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving
Jacari Gaston
Olayemi Shekete
Kori Hall
Shantrice Cosey
Kendall Jackson

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Texting and Driving are one of the top three causes of accidents and deaths as of recent statistics of 2012. According to NHTSA, 78% of teens and young adults say they have read a text message while driving and 71% of teens and young adults say they have responded to text messages. Known as of December 2012, 171.3 billion text messages has been sent every month; that is 2055.6 billion a year. According to Pew Research Center, 49% of adults reported that the had passengers in the car that used their cell phones and/or was texting. 42% of young drivers believe that they can safely drive and text. The 2011 Harris Poll, informed us that 60% of drivers use their cell phones while drivers. VVTI states that it only takes five seconds with your eyes off the road to travel a football field.
Survey/ Graph
Letters to My Forgotten Daughter
My dearest, this is dedicated to you. I hope your ear is as wide as the sea is blue listening to what I plead to you. It was that one sunny day in June where you boarded the bus to school and I prayed you'd be okay. That day I waited with my breath baited just to see you 5-year-old face but a call replaced. In that instant my heartbeat slowed and my blood ran cold from all the possibilities of my little girl's dream coming old. To see a young soul that has not yet had the chance to grow made me wonder "was it worth it?" Baby i wish you could return to see the life you would have lived. Nothing in this house even has an ounce of forgotten memories. Your room still has all the ammenities and nothing has been moved. I try to remember you the best way I know. The only thing I picture now is the body that was once your own. What would I say to the driver who sent that "Hello."? It could''ve waited. That message took the life of my own little pride and joy. That girl, when 7+10, could have seen her many friends and even the little boys who were eager to touch her caramel skin. That word stifled this little girl of all the broken promises and mistakes she would have made. Because you failed to see that stop sign, her bones along with her giving heart were burst but believe it or not you're not the only one hurt. Her family has to live every horrible day with this burden. A life is never worth that chance of no answer. It can wait.
Reflection (Kori)
it is easy to say that project has open all of your eyes in a way to seeing sometimes you have to stop doing what4 you want to do and do what you have to
Refletion (Olayemi)
Reflection (Jacari)
Reflection (Shantrice)
Through this project I see that people don't take texting and driving as seriously as they should and most feel that it is alright and can do so without risk of getting into an accident. I felt failure when people learned about how dangerous texting and driving is but still say they would continue to do so. I feel that my actions informed those around me about the impacts and risks of texting and driving. I feel that more laws need to be put in place about texting and driving and more precautions taking place when people are taking Dri. Ed. and applying for a license. Yes this project encompasses what Otero has been saying since day one in Dri. Ed. The underlying issues of texting and driving is that texting has become a part of our daily lives and we do it while doing other things as well and nothing goes wrong so we feel the same can be applied to texting and driving (which isn't always necessarily the case).
Reflection (Kendall)
During this project I have learn the true dangers of texting and driving. There was a moment of frustration when adults tried to debate with me whether it was illegal to use their cell phones at the red light or if they could talk on their cell phones period while "paused" for a brief moment. I feel that I may have impacted some adults and some teens to change their behavior in the car while driving. I don't believe anything else can be done because more people are being killed or seriously injured everyday and drivers still have not changed their driving habits. Yes, this experience compliments some things I have learned in class. I also learned that more drivers are in serious crashes because of their passengers and how they have the passengers text for them. but then they are distracted because their mind is still on texting and what they have to say rather than on the road. In my opinion driving with passengers using a phone especially in a scenario of a parent and a child/ teen and people who are too attached to their phones are more at risk of being in an accident. Drivers that text and drive don't think about the consequences, even if people in the car are not hurt and other passengers in another car is. Lastly, I could say that during this project I have learned that I ca no longer get in the car with my mother because she is a Phone-addict.
From doing this project, I have realized that texting while driving is much more of an issue than I previously thought.Personally, I haven't had any personal experiences with texting and driving and hope that I won't have to. However, I think the failure lies between what is being done to stop teens and everyone else from texting and driving. Everyone needs to be fully aware of the possible dangers of texting or using the phone while driving so many lives can be saved.
From doing the project I learned that teens don't take texting and driving as serious as they should.
I feel that my actions may not have caused an impact just because i know how people are and that it may take more than this to change them.
I dont really think anymore can be done to change them besides personal experience, whether it be themselves or a loved one that has to pay the price for them to see.
Doing this project has opened my eyes to see that people take technology for granted and in this situation it can be deadly. I personally have never experienced losing anyone to texting and driving but i am a daily witness to seeing someone text and driving and it truly does distract and blind the driver from so much. Many text and drive because they believe they have plenty experience and can handle the two task because they "know what their doing" but 10 times out of 10 you never know what could happen no matter how well you think you know the road and how much experience you may have. i also that many who actually do text and drive 9 times out of ten would not drive behind someone who texts and drive if asked. This project was a great way to open my eyes of the seriousness of texting and driving and distracted driving period
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