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The Indian in the Cupboard

No description

Nicole Walters

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The Indian in the Cupboard

Chapter 1:
Birthday Presents
Thirty Scalps
It is Omri's birthday and he receives a plastic Indian from his friend, a skateboard from his Mom and Dad, and cupboard from his brother. Omri finds an old key from his mother that will fit into the cupboard. Omri puts the Indian inside the cupboard. In the middle of the night, Omri is awaken by loud noises coming from inside the cupboard. When he opens the door, the Indian is alive! The Indian tells Omri his name is Little Bear.
Omri has to go to school the next day, so he puts the Indian back into the cupboard. The only thing he can think about at school is the Indian! When he returns home from school, he checks on the Indian! He is still alive! Omri gives the Indian food and turns a plastic tepee into a real, miniature tepee that the Indian sleeps in.
Chapter 4:
By Lynne Reid banks
The Indian in the Cupboard
Created by Miss Walters
Chapter 3
Omri learns that Little Bear is a real Indian and has killed thirty people. Little Bear asks for a gun, but Omri tells him he can make him a bow and arrow. Omri turns a horse into a real horse for Little Bear to ride.
Chapter 2:
The Door is Shut
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