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No description

Fisayo Seriki

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of GTA IV

GTA IV Technologies this can be identified in/with the game industry e.g. PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox original, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS i/Lite, game cube, PC's Xbox - MICROSOFT
Wii,DS i/Lite/game cube - NINTENDO
This consoles are produced by Periphals/Controllers Joysticks
Tv add on's
Dance mats/Microphone
Game pads
and many others. GRAPHICS HD - High definition
Blue - rays - is a higher step up &
in competition with HD. GTA is available on
PS3, Microsoft and Xbox 360 Technological capabilities of :- Nintendo DSi Portable game system, handheld, two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics capability, touh sreen technology, wireless connection, take photos and play with it, sounds and hundreds of games in a library. iPhone/iPad/iPod Sony playstation 3/PSP Microsoft Xbox 360 The iPod Touch Built in Wi-Fi which means you can your favourite blogs,
write an email and attach photos, or find out how to get to a destination ( a map), it a computer in the computer and it includes apps such as the SAFARI that is exclusive to the Mac and PC computers, Movies, iTunes, Voice over (for disabled people). iPad It includes Wi-Fi, iBooks, iPod, iTunes, Spotlight search, Contacts, Maps, Notes. (Voice over, Mono audio, Zoom, White on black, closed captioning(subtitles), Triple click home( if you want to use the voiceover, white on black or zoom ocassionally), it also has the SAFARI and many more stuff e.g. like the Calender... iPhone It has a 16gb or 32gb flash drive
wi-fi, digital compass2, video playback,
ambient light sensor, proximity sensor,
apple headphones with remote and mic,
internet access, fingerprint - resistant oleophobic coating The playstation 3 features a slot - loading 2x speed
blu-ray disc drive for games, you can watch blu-ray movies, DVDs, CDs and other optical media. It uses the sony, toshiba, IBM designed cell micro processor as its CPU. The system has bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi networking, sixaxis controller and many more.
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