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The effect of soccer has on people and society

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Derek Zhang

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of The effect of soccer has on people and society

The effect of soccer has on people and society
reference list
CNN. (2010). Soccer's influence: Why the world 'turns around a spinning ball'


Daniel Little. (2013). Sociology of soccer
soccer is a sport played between two teams of eleven players. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport.
The reason I have chosen this topic is that I am a big fan of soccer and the people around me all like soccer.
Thesis statement
soccer is important to the society because it is easy to play and it is a good way to make friends and make people fit.

my key words:
Soccer is important to society, easy to play, make friends and make people fit.
Questionnaire is my primary sources, I will hand out the questionnaires which included some questions about how they think about soccer as an important part of society, how they feel soccer change the society and influence on the people. The purpose of this questionnaire is to know everyone’s opinion of soccer . There are no limited for participants. The questionnaire has 8 questions which includes society and individual on soccer.

My secondary sources is the information from books, magazines, newspaper and the internet.
Aspect 1 :why soccer is an important part in society?
in my questionnaire, 45% people think soccer is an important part in society because there are many people play it. 35% think it because soccer is a big part of culture. 10% think soccer can promote relationship and another 10% people think soccer can make people more positive.
I found the real answer to this question in my secondary sources from an article from CNN. it says "Many sports want to grow themselves internationally by exporting their products, but the simpler the product the easier it is to export it. The rules of football are very, very simple." And another answer is "FIFA had also helped boost soccer's popularity with its commitment to free-to-air broadcasting, allowing the sport to reach its maximum audience." Those information tells us that soccer is an important part in society and it influences people in many way.

I also found some data about how many people watch the soccer games through media. 'Hundreds of millions will watch the final on July 11, while world governing body FIFA predicts a cumulative audience for the tournament of 26.29 billion viewers.'
Aspect 2: why soccer is easy to play?
55% people think people can play it anywhere makes soccer easy to play.20% think it is very simple to play, 15% think the soccer equipment is cheap and 10% think people can play it solo.
most of people(65%) say soccer is a sport which needs teamwork and it can make friends, 15% think it make a introvert person quickly blend into people and 20% think it requires more people to play than other activities
aspect 3: soccer is a good way to make friends
aspect 4: soccer is a good way to make people fit
In my primary source, 70% people think soccer is an aerobic sport, 25% think playing soccer helps people build muscles and only 5% think it has no bad effect on body.
In my secondary sources, I have found that soccer not only bring the good influence but also some bad things. the first thing is football hooliganism which is unruly, violent, and destructive behaviour by overzealous supporters of football clubs, including brawling, vandalism and intimidation.
the second thing is the disturbing noise, because of time lag some place must watching the games at midnight. soccer is full of passion and the fans will make noise unavoidably.
through the survey, we found that soccer is not only a pure sport but also is a part of culture and soccer is a two-edged sword, it brings fun and positive things but it makes some bad thing in our life.

Next steps:

I will write a final report to conclude the project.

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