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Destination Guidebook

No description

Runita Singh

on 5 August 2017

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Transcript of Destination Guidebook

Destination Guidebook
By: Runita Singh
Final destination!!!
When I come to the end of my journey I hope I am successful and I complete my dream of being a criminal defense lawyer. I plan to love what I do and do what I love!
What I want to be when I'm older!
Features that are required to be a criminal defense lawyer
The features that you need to have to be a criminal defense lawyer are,
Analytic mind
Putting people first - e.g your clients
I believe that I have these skills. I am weak in some of the skills but I believe that I can make myself stronger.
High school
In high school you should choose courses that are tied to the career you wish to go into. Since I would like to be a criminal defense lawyer, the courses in high school that would help to benefit me are,
political science
Courses that would help sharpen analytic thinking are,
Current Traits
I am going into grade 10 and I attend Martingrove CI. I'm a visual learner and an assertive communicator. I like to help people, know about laws and regulations, work with children, counsel people, study and solve society's problems and get involved in politics. All of these traits leads to a career in social services, government and human resources. I am very responsible and organized. I have strong communication skills.
Post secondary
most law schools require a bachelor's degree for admittance
classes in English, public speaking, government, history, economics and math
- measures reading comprehension, analytic reasoning and logistical thinking. These are all the

skills that are needed to succeed in law school and as a lawyer
most law schools require students to take the Law School Admission Test
Law school
typically takes 3 years to complete
covers subjects to prepare you for a variety of legal situations
Constitutional law
teaches about the legislature powers of the government and contract law
Criminal law
teaches the rules and politics for dealing with people who commit crimes
Practical courses
e.g legal writing classes - teaches how to research and write legal documents

After law school
After I complete law school I hope to get a job in my field and I also hope to keep expanding my knowledge so therefore I can be very good at what I do!
I do not only plan to work. I hope to travel the world and try to achieve my dream of visiting every continent!
When I grow up I would like to pursue a career in law. I would specifically like to be a criminal defense lawyer because I just love what they do. I honestly love to watch law shows, such as "Law and Order" and even "Drop Dead Diva".
What is a criminal defense lawyer you may ask? Well, they are basically lawyers specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity.
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