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Genealogy Project

No description

Grayson Prickett

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Genealogy Project

Grayson Prickett Genealogy My immediate family includes: my mother Deborah, and my father David. Immediate Family Inherited Traits some of my personal inherited traits that I mentioned are my bluish-green eyes. both of my parents have the same general eye color, and same with my grandparents. This trait has been passed through many generations of my family and has remained dominate. eye color (green)
ear shape
foot size
hair color
nose shape
Learned Traits playing guitar
intelligence level Inherited Traits both my Grandfathers and my father are tall and my height is generally above average. Learned Traits One of my learned traits includes learning to play guitar. Nobody else in my family has been involved in music in any way, but I have a great interest in creating music and learned all the necessary instruments the ways i self motivate myself are completely different than my parents, so i know for a fact this is a learned trait
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