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The French Revolution Prezi

No description

Emma Rainville

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of The French Revolution Prezi

The French Revolution Prezi
By Emma Rainville

When and where did the French Revolution Occur?
It occurred in1789-1799 in France
Social Classes in France
First Estate:
high clergy, 10% of land, paid no taxes
Second Estate:
Nobility, 20% of land, paid no taxes
Third Estate:
commoners, 70% of land, 27 million people, paid all taxes
Who ruled France at this time?
King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette
Who was Maximilien Robespierre?
Robespierre was a famous lawyer and politician who rose to lead the Committee of Public Safety when it was needed in France.
Reign of Terror
What is a Guillotine?
Why did the French Revolution Occur?
The Declaration of Man
The Death of Marat
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July 1793-1794 there were many killings and be-headings. 17,000 people were executed.
The tool used to kill people instantly by beheading them. This was used a lot during the French Revolution and was invented by Joseph-Ignace Guillotin
A Bastille is a grin midevil fortress used as a prison.
Storming the Bastille: Occurred on July 14, 1789. More than 800 people assembled outside the Bastille, many people died during this battle. This became a symbol of the French Revolution.
The French Revolution occurred because the citizens wanted a new constitution. The French Revolution resulted in the Declataration of the Rights of Man
Modeled on the Declaration of Independence. Stated that all men are born free with equal rights.
Marat wrote about people that went against the Revolution and those people were later executed. Charlotte Corday was an enemy of Marat and thought he was the reason for most of the killing that went on in France. She admitted to killing him and was later executed.
Bibliography continued...
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