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Hera is symbolized by cows(mostly white), peacocks, lions, and the coco bird.

Danielle Johnson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hera

Hera Symbols Cows (mostly White) The Peacock coco bird POWERS marriage Protector of women Queen of Gods/Heavens The Goddess of . . . assits warriors(most famous example:Jason) protector of wives and families make rain, mist, and move fog power of deception *Patrons* married women City of Argos and Euboea Families Adventurers! Hera's Family Married to Zeus Mother of Hephestus, Ares, Eleithyia, and Hebe After 300yrs. of trying to persuade Hera to marry him, Zeus tricks her by changing into a coco bird. Hera unknowingly agrees to marry the coco bird and finds out later that it was Zeus. In order to keep her word she agrees to marries him. Hera's Myth! lions Marriage Patrons All Greeks
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