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Attitudes to School

No description

Lauren Cook

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Attitudes to School

Attitudes to School Survey Or, feedback from our students Students Box and Whisker Graphs show us how
we compare to state averages in the areas of:
Teaching and Learning
Student Relationships
Then, we reflect on the data
to drive school improvement. Results to each question are averaged.
1=Not at all
7= All the time
Although students said they were highly
connected to each other... They had real concerns as to how they related to us...... In comparison to national averages,
we were well below in... Classroom Behaviour 2.53 Teacher Empathy 3.26 Relationships are the basis of positive
learning environments.... so how has this
affected what happens in our classrooms? Student Learning and Stimulating Learning are at a disturbing 2.82 each Students rate Teacher Effectiveness at 3.32 All these results
were in the bottom quarter
of the state. A few more things to be aware of... Excepting connectedness to peers and
student safety, boys are feeling better at this
school than girls. Their morale is higher, and they view the teaching and learning more positively. While our Year 12 results are actually excellent... Our Year 9 results could not be further away from where we would like them... NOW... We all need to reflect on what we can do about these results, both in the classroom and in administration...
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