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Peter Max

An introduction to artist Peter Max

Kevin Longley

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Peter Max



Artwork that made him Famous
Modern Artwork
Art Criticism
Influences on you and Me
Peter was an American raised in China. As a child the only "American" culture he was exposed to was comic books. He also enjoyed Astronomy (the study of the cosmos).
Reading comics like "Captain Marvel" will no doubt have an influence on the artwork of an adult Peter Max
Step 1. Description
What do you see? Be descriptive, describe lines, shapes, colors, things....ex. "bright vivid colors" or "profile view of a face".
Art criticism is a written process in which we organize our thoughts about a work of art. Through 4 steps Description, Analysis, Interpretation, and Judgment we are able to look at the artwork and make "educated" statements about it. In the end you will evaluate the artwork on its strengths and weaknesses and decide whether you like it or dislike it.
Step 2. Analysis
Analyze facts about the painting by looking at relationships between the Elements and Principles of art. Discuss lines, shapes, forms, color, value, space, texture, balance, pattern, movement, and emphasis.
Step 3. Interpretation
What do you think is happening in the artwork? What message is the artist trying to communicate? What is the "theme" of the artwork? What emotions is the artist trying to express?
Step 4. Judgment
What do you personally think of the artwork? WHY is it good or bad? What would you have done differently if you created this painting? Would you hang this in your home, why or why not?
With the explosion of the youth culture and market in the 1960's Peter Max became a graphic arts icon. "It all happened in 1961, I was about 25 then. It was fantastic, a whole new style in everything, music, art, clothes. Beatlemania came in then and I was sort of the visual counterpart of all of that".
Max's "cosmic" style of art "had to do with mythology, cosmic energy, astrology, and astronomy".
Peter Max was born in Germany and raised in China by his American parents. He learned about "American" culture through the comic books he read. As a teenager Max also enjoyed mythology and Astrology (the study of stars).
project - self-portrait
inspired by Peter Max
separated hair from face
"cosmic" shapes
bright vivid colors
bold black outlines
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