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The Domesday Book

No description

Serena-Laura Cooper-Bhagi

on 5 February 2011

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Transcript of The Domesday Book

The Domesday Book By Laura Cooper and Serena Bhagi What is the Domesday Book A book to tell William how much tax he could charge a book of doom and judgement for the peasants of england As invading England was expensive, William didn't have much money. So he carried out a survey ( The Domesday Book), to see how much tax he could charge so that he could become more wealthy. However, as William wanted power and he only visited the country four times, he feared that barons with lots of wealth would try to over power him, as because of the feudal system, the barons would have their own armies. So if William knew how much money they had, he could charge them enough, so that they couldn't over power William. Once the people of England found out about this survey, they weren't exaclty happy about it. But who could blame them! They were going to be judged by a foreign king on how much money and land they owned, just so they could be charged even more taxes. This is what one peasant had to say... as you can see, the peasants don't really like the idea of this survey. However, their opinions aren't going to stop the King. This is how the King would respond if one of his peasants rebelled ( but in a modern day version) as you can probably guess, the temptation to lie was very strong, but as shown in the video, cruel punishments were given to anyone who was caught lying What questions did the commissioners ask the people of England? how many people live in the manor? how many mills are there in the manor? how much do you think the manor is worth? how much rent do you get from the people who live in the manor? how many maids and servants live in the manor? how many farms are in the manor? Problems with the Domesday Book Doesn't give us an accurate survey. Didn't show what people thought about the survey. Look at my face, do i look bovvered? Now we see someone elses view, the commissioners... Thank you for listening
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