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Chapter 25 Vocabulary

vocab words

mackenzie k

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 25 Vocabulary

Defaulted Defaulted is failing to meet loan payments. Hundred Days Hundred days is a special session of congress that dealt with problems of the depression. Mackenzie Jo Kilpatrick Chapter 25 Vocabulary Relief Relief is aid for the needy Public Works Public works are projects such as highways,parks,and libraries. Stock Exchange is an organized system for buying and selling shares, blocks of investments incorporation. synonym:Amex Stock Exchange On Margin On Margin is paying only a fraction of stock prices and borrowing the rest from brokers. Synonym:allowance Synonym:neglect Synonym:comfort Synonym:construction Synonym:meetings
New Deal New Deal is the name given to the new laws aimed at relieving the depression,which were passed by congress during the hundred days and the months that follow. Synonym:turn around Work Relief Work Relief are programs giving needy people government jobs. Synonym:ease Subsidies Subsidies are grants of money. Synonym:Contribute Migrant Workers Migrant Workers is to be moving from place to place to harvest fruits and vegetables Synonyms:agricultural labor Dust Bowl Dust Bowl is the name given to the area of the Southern Great Planes severly damaged by droughts and dust storms during the 1930s. Synonym:baren Pension Pension is the payment for older people. Synonym:payment Second New Deal The Second New Deal is a new set of programs and deals. Synonym:rules Social Security Act Social Security Act created a tax on workers and employers. Synonym:economic assistance Unemployment Insurance Unemployment Insurance are payments to people who lost their jobs. Synonym:Insurance THE END
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