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Fact and Opinion

No description

Stephanie Cox

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Fact and Opinion

Fact and Opinion
An opinion is something you think.

You can use the words I think, I feel, I like

*It is so easy to learn to ride a bike.

*Reading is the best thing to do at school.

*Dogs are the greatest because they are cute and furry.
Look at the picture. With your chair partner, come up with as many opinions as possible.
Fact and Opinion Check
Listen to the sentence. If the sentence is a fact, hold up the side with fact on it. If it's an opinion, hold up the opinion side.

Let's begin!

Next Step..
With a partner or a small group,
you will look in our reading story to find facts about pumpkins.

Then as a group, you will form an opinion about pumpkins.
A fact is something you can prove.

*You are in second grade.

*Payne Elementary is located in Paulding County.

*The next summer Olympic games will be held in Brazil.
Fact or Opinion?
Halloween is on October
Fact or Opinion?
Christmas is the best
holiday ever.
Fact or Opinion?
Students can buy lunch at school.
Fact or Opinion?
P.E. class is really
Fact or Opinion?
Football is a sport that is played with a ball.
Fact or Opinion?
Ohio State has the
most amazing football team.
Fact or Opinion?
Second grade is the best
grade ever!
Fact or Opinion?
The dress has blue ruffles and
purple sleeves.
Look at the picture. With your chair partner, talk about as many facts as possible.
Think. Pair. Share
Early Finishers
Choose a picture and recording sheet from table. Write one fact about the picture and one opinion.
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