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Jelly-Bean Candy Dispenser

No description

Rhonar Ramos

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Jelly-Bean Candy Dispenser

The ideal of this project was to create a dispenser using a few materials to dispense a small amount of jelly beans.
Material List
2 Paper Plates
2 Tongue Depressors
2 Paper Clips
4 Straws
4 Dixie Cups
Jelly Bean Dispenser
By Rhonar Alex Mark
We wanted to create a way for kids to be happy as well as affordable for the parents. Also have it made without taking a certain amount of space.
The first vending machine on the U.S. was built in 1888 by Thomas Adams Gum Company but Pez were the first known working candy dispenser, created by 1927 in Vienna by a candy maker named Eduard Haas III, but was originally introduced in Austria, then later exported to the U.S
So our candy dispenser is like a rotating revolver that dispense at least a few amount of jelly beans if turn properly, so if it doesn't work, sucks for you.
Objective: Dispense 4-10 jelly bean per turn
So what's a dispenser? A dispenser is a container that contains and dispenses out a small amount of its contents like tissues, toothpicks, or like in this case, candy.
There are four types of dispenser, the Bubble Gum Style Dispenser, the Gravity Bins, Pocket Sized Candy Dispensers, and the lidded Bins with a Scoop.
Our Candy Dispenser is more like the Gravity Bins because gravity forces our jelly beans out of the cups.
And Gandtt Chart...
of our hard work
Ha Ha
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