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Windshield Survey

No description

Abigail Koehler

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Windshield Survey

Community Core
Community Core
Community Core
Community Core
Windshield Survey:
Coventry, CT

Coventry is a part of Tolland County and is surrounded by Mansfield, Tolland, Vernon, Bolton, Andover Columbia, and Windham
50.5% of Coventry is residential land, 2.7% is commercial, 13.3% is made up of farms, and the rest is natural space or used for the town/government
Established in 1712
Many old houses, abandoned school houses, antique shops, a country store
Nathan Hale Homestead
Nathan Hale's birthplace
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970
Used today by Connecticut Landmarks as a historic house-museum
The Visitors Center
The Red Brick Schoolhouse
Physical Environment
Health & Social Services
Transportation & Safety
Service Learning Project
Laidlaw Park
Patriot's Park
Recreation Department Summer Day Camp
Summer outdoor concerts
Annual Coventry-Fest
Two public beaches to lake
Coventry High School/Middle School
Tennis courts and track
Four baseball fields
Miller-Richardson Field
Politics & Government
Predominantly Democratic
Town Council meetings twice a month, most open to the public
Psters/Political advertisement seen during elections for town council or budget voting
Modes of Transportation
Bikes - bike trail in local parks
Commuter bus services with connections to bus services in Hartford
Car Pool Partners - volunteers
Coventry Van Service- free handicap-accessible van service for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and on special occasions Wednesdays and Weekends
Major Highways Nearby
I-384, I-84, Route 44
Coventry Police Department- 24/7 Service
Coventry Fire Department
North Coventry Volunteer Fire Department
Department of Public Works - sanitation; trash/recycling
Not many sidewalks - difficult to walk or bike safely especially with snow banks
Overall safe feeling
Thriving Community
North Coventry more modernized than South Coventry
South Coventry has more rundown and abandoned buildings
Not many large stores or malls
Some chain restaurants and grocery stores
Mostly small family owned business and restaurants
Not many employment opportunities
Transportation & Safety
Population (2011)
White: 11,894
Black: 59
Asian: 210
Hispanic: 266
Other: 239
Individuals living below the poverty line: 3.%
Socioeconomic divide
Toddlers (0-4): 6%
Children and Adolescents (5-17): 19%
Young Adults (18-24): 17%
Middle aged Adults (25-49): 27%
Older Adults (50-64): 19%
Elderly (65+): 13%
Many Families and children
Few playgrounds
Very high white population
Nothing to indicate significant diversity
Restaurants/gathering places showed little diversity
Residents gather in central areas
School yards, restaurants, parks, Coventry Lake, The Coventry Corner Store
Newspapers include Journal Inquirer and The Hartford Courant
Coventry Lake
Coventry Public School System
Coventry Grammar School (K-2)
George H. Robertson School (3-5)
Capt. Nathan Hale School (6-8)
Coventry High School (9-12)
Coventry Early Childhood Center, Inc.
The Booth and Dimock Memorial Library
Booth & Dimock Memorial Library
Difference in home upkeep in north/south Coventry
Value history
Family values
Values and Beliefs
Nathan Hale Homestead
Few amenities for children
Wooded and spacious town
scattered areas between most residential areas, schools, parks, businesses, etc.
Air quality index = 33
0-50 indicates good air quality
Commercial areas: businesses, stores, offices
Chain stores/businesses located along Route 44
Local businesses located along Main St.
Residential areas: homes, schools, parks
Homes in North vs. South Coventry
South: Older houses, not well maintained, houses along main roads
unsafe for running, walking, playing outside, etc.
North: Newer houses, better maintained, neighborhoods more prevalent
safer for running, walking, playing outside, etc.
North vs. South Coventry
South Coventry
North Coventry
Medical Offices
Hartford Medical , ProEye Associates, Coventry Family Practice, other primary physicians, Dentist offices, Minute Clinic (CVS)
Majority of these places are located along Route 44
Many are "house style" offices
Accessible Health Resources Outside of Town
Windham Hospital; Manchester Hospital
Holy Family Shelter in Willimantic, CT
Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000 births)
0 in Coventry; 4.5 overall in CT (2001)
Health & Social Services
Senior Center
Free social, educational, and wellness programs for citizens 60+
Youth Services
Various camps, youth mentoring, prom dress donations
Program & Activities
Run through Parks & Recreation Department
Classes, Day Camps, Events, Fitness, Sports, Trips

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We decided that we would go to George Hersey Robertson School to inform 5th graders about:
the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily!
Health & Social Services
One of the major problems is that major hospitals are very far for emergencies. Another is that most areas do not have sidewalks or playgrounds

Current and Future Problems
Good average socioeconomic status
The community has a whole seems to has family values and value the history of the town
The community is thriving and looking healthy from an outsiders view
There is a lack local access to stores including residents looking for employment but they do have a coupe chains restaurants and a few local stores
Could definitely be more available space for kids to play sports and exercise.
Overall Coventry could use some work but they are a relatively healthy community to be in

Eastern Highland Health District
Provides full range of public health services, health education, and emergency planning to towns in Eastern CT
In Mansfield, CT but serves Coventry
Human Services Advisory Committee
In attendance:
Human Services staff, Town Manager, Superintendent of schools, Coventry Senior Center Coordinator, Director of Parks and Recreation, Chief of Police, School staff, Local clergy, Connecticut Legal Services representative, Liaison visiting nurse
Discuss current social issues going on in Coventry
2013 Connecticut Mastery Test Scores
Mathematics- 97.0% At/ Above Proficiency
Reading- 82.2% At/Above Proficiency
Writing- 92.8% At/Above Proficiency

Science- 95.7% At/Above Proficiency
Abigail Koehler
Victoria Taylor
Colin Plant
Laura Ferretti
Kimberly Card
Brianna Sheetz
Lauren Johnson
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