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A Separate Peace

Made by Aatif, Dillon, and Nic.

Aatif Jiwani

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

Character Analysis 2 Our Summary of the Book . Plotline Chart 1 Plotline Chart 3 . By John Knowles

Made by Aatif,
Diilon, and Nic A Seperate Peace
Project As best friends and put in the same boarding school... They set on an adeventure. Plus this adventure is during the years of WW2. But when something happens to seperate Gene and Phineas... Gene tries to get back his friendship !!! Exposition: Gene goes back to Devon, and returns to the stairs and tree. Gene recognizes that there was something that happened at each of those places. And that is Gene's problem, he is having a hard time getting over the traumatic events Rising Action: Gene and Finny form the Suicide Society, and Gene starts to develop a lot more envy of Finny. Gene thinks Finny wants Gene to neglect his studies and fail school Plotline Chart 2 Climax: The Climax is when Finny jumps off the tree and fractures his leg. Then Gene tries to ask the Doctor if Finny is OK! Falling Action: Leper joins the war and goes crazy. Then Finny and Gene become dependent on each other. Then Gene's trial with Brinker happens, and finally Finny falls down stairs and fractures leg again, Finny dies after surgery Resolution:Gene tries to get over Finny's death. Then soon the school is taken over by war activities, and finally Gene enlists in army Theme Explanation Friendship: A Separate Peace focuses on the friendship between two sixteen-year-old boys. Their friendship is a combination of admiration, respect, and jealousy. But their friendship blurs identity, as one boy begins to assimilate the life of the other. War: Our book explores just military stuff (like WW2) but also personal wars. This book says that we all identify enemies in the world around us. It means that there is jealousy wars and that they want to get better than one another. Jealousy is just one of the negative emotions in our book. What makes these jealousy so hard in this book is that they're with respect, and love – all the ingredients for one very confusing friendship between stubborn boys. We see that jealousy drives people to the weirdest things but is understood least of all by those are responsible. Fear abounds on multiple levels in our book. The fear is of dying and getting hurt in war. As our book’s young men wonder whether they are capable of entering a world engulfed by war and hatred. We also see fear going around personal things and, most likely, fear of one's own character, of the crimes of which someone may be able to do. THE END

Thank you from
Aatif Jiwani, Dillon Schaeffer, and Nic Kruse AKA as "DAN"(Dillon, Aatif, And Nic) and "Sinq Sniping" CHARACTER ANALYSIS Gene is the novel’s narrator, and he tells the story as a flashback, reflecting on his days at the Devon. We first meet him as an older man returning to the place where he spent his good times. Gene seems filled with fears and his great worry, we realize, is that nothing has changed since his memories of a bad summer session before his senior year in high school and his friendship with the athletic, spirited Finny. But what Gene initially presents as a perfect friendship soon emerges as nothing of the sort; his account of certain actions, along with statements that strained, soon betray his true feelings. Thus, Gene initially thinks that Finny hates him for his academic success. The reader quickly comes to realize, however, that it is Gene, in fact, who resents Finny—indeed, and he hates Finny all the more for Finny’s lack of resentment toward him. Finny: In the book we see Finny as a big bragging jock. Even as Gene doesn’t like his best friend, he regards Finny at times with something to worship. Gene sees Finny as a person who contains a strong note of physical, attraction. Finny is presented in classical terms, as a kind of Greek hero-athlete, always excelling in physical activities and always spirited. Finny finds himself in his element during Devon’s summer session; the substitute headmaster enforces few rules and Finny can let loose his awesomeness without restraint. Yet while he constantly tests the limits and tries his own will, he seeks neither to emerge “victorious” in any argument or contest nor to “defeat” competing systems of rule. Leper: A quiet, peaceful, nature-loving boy, Leper shocks his classmates by becoming the first boy at Devon to enlist in the army; he shocks them again by escaping soon after. Both of Leper’s decisions demonstrate important properties of the war: to the students at Devon. Leper’s decision to enlist stems from his inability to bear the waiting period, his desire simply to initiate what he knows to be inevitable. Later, his escape of the army again demonstrates a horrible truth: despite their years of expectation, the boys can never really be ready to face the horrors of war. Brinker Hadley is, in many ways, a bad personto Finny. Also he is a leader of the Devon boys and he creates a power comparable but opposite to Finny’s. Where Finny is, mischievous, and uncontrollable, Brinker is solid and strict, a guardian of law and order. An example; Brinker with his devotion to rules and his suspicious mind, is always connected to the winter session, when the usual headmaster returns to restore discipline, the severe weather puts a damper on the boys’ play, and the distant war intensifies, looming ever blacker on the students’ horizons.
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