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ABC'S Of Employability

No description

Taylor Cain

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of ABC'S Of Employability

ABC'S Of Employability
By: Taylor Cain

Talking & Listening skills- Talking and listening skills would have to be one of the most important if not the most important skills you need to have any long-term job.
Able to deal with public- In order to work for a company like this you would need to have a high tolerance for dealing with other people and being able to show them whats right in a polite way.
Customer Care- Because you would mostly be spending time in a morgue you don't really have to worry about caring for customers, but if you were to find yourself in a situation where you had to deal with living people than make sure you satisfy what they want.
Develop good working relationships- You would want to make sure you get along well with your fellow employees so that it makes the work environment more comfortable.
Able to understand & follow instructions- If your not able to do either of these things then this job is not for you. you have to make sure that you know exactly what your doing and if you don't you can ask someone and follow their instructions.
Telephone skills- Although its not one of the most needed skills its still important because as soon as you find something out about your task you should contact someone.
IT skills- Definitely one of the most important skills to have in this particular job, you will have to be able to determine so many things about the body that are exact statements/facts.
Communicates confidently- Being able to communicate confidently is very important when it comes to informing people of higher power about the body you were responsible for.
Personal Qualities
Able to accept praise- Being able to receive praise from peers should feel like an accomplishment.
Enthusiastic and motivated- Being passionate and motivated to learn new things is a key role into keeping this job for a long period of time.
Honest- In order to be a forensic pathologist there is no way you could avoid being honest. In fact you could not have this job if you were dishonest.
Dependable- If others cant depend on you then that's just going to bring you down in the company and relates back to being honesty, so make sure your honest.
Works hard and willing to learn- There is always room to improve in a job like this and it would be a rare day if you saw someone who wasn't working hard or gaining new knowledge.
Flexible- Having a flexible schedule isn't required for this job, but it is much preferred because you never know when your going to be called in or stay extra hours for a case.
Expresses own ideas appropriately- Trying to push an idea on someone is not the way to go, if you have an idea simply just inform the person and they will give you an answer as soon as possible.
Respects equal opportunities- Equality is an important role in this company everyone needs an opportunity to shine and everyone will get that time.
Is responsible/reliable for self and others assigned to you- This means that you are responsible for all the tasks your given and you can be relied on with others requests.
Shows initiative with own workload- You are able to get work done without having to rely on others.
Able to plan and organize tasks- Being organized in a job like this will make everything you do much easier and will help you seem more experienced with the tasks your given.
Dresses appropriately- You show up to work in the appropriate attire. Not that big of a deal because you will be wearing a lab coat.
Forensic Pathologist
In conclusion, If you want a job like this it would be important to follow along with the guidelines given.
Numeracy & Literacy Skills
Using Numbers- It is important in this company to have some form of knowledge when it comes to dealing with numbers.
Writing Messages and Letters- There is going to be a lot of letter and messaging writing in this kind of job, so it is important to know the format.
Understand the importance of correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization- Writing is going to be a major part of this job, for when you have to write down things that you see or find on the body.
Problem Solving
Able to overcome problems- Its good to have the quality of being able to find the solution to a problem you or someone else has.
Able to make decisions that are good for the company- You will be comfortable enough with the company and know enough about it that you can tell what is right and what is wrong for it.
Use own initiative- You're able to come up with ideas or plans on your own that are creative and show some sort of importance to the company.
Able to ask for help- Your not afraid to let people know that you don't know everything or that you need help on something.
Able to manage own learning- Your able to find answers for yourself and not have to rely on others.
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