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Comparing and contrasting

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Laodice Kennedy

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Comparing and contrasting

Comparing and contrasting
Comparing and contrasting
What does comparing and contrasting mean to me?

what do we see by looking at other peoples cultures, and what do we notice?
Contrasting food with Switzerland and Singapore
contrasting traditional clothing USA and Singapore
Citizens of the USA usually wear every-day cloths, It depends where you live in USA which is nice and warm (USA is North West on a map.)

where as the people in Singapore wear a costume called Kebaya. Because of its geographical location under the equator. Which makes it hot in singapore
Rice and chicken are typical foods for the Singaporeans, however in Switzerland, chocolate, cheese, and bread are popular foods.

Tea, water, sugar cane juice are Singapore's favorite drinks, its geographical location is in south east Asia near the equator, where juicy fruits grow, sugar cane, and tea plantations. It's climate changes cold .On the other hand Switzerland's favorite drinks are rather hot chocolate, water, and syrup made with fruit, because of its geographical location, which is up north where fruit trees and plants grow. Since its cold people in Switzerland like to drink hot chocolate.
culture is almost your whole life. like Entertainment
food, clothing and many others.
Comparing and contrasting with entertainment Switzerland and the USA.
Entertainment is Switzerland is rather exercising, like taking your bike and go for a ride around the city or country side, or taking your scooter. or just playing typical sports games like Frisbee. i guess its the same for children and adults in the USA. Hiking is also a typical famous kind of sports entertainment, many mountains suround Switzerland also in the USA. Switzerland is famous of listening to the lo
Comparing and contrasting all Switzerland, UsA, and Singaporean religions beliefs
By, Laodice
As you notice when you read you will see that i`m always contrasting. i was working with two other boys, one from Singapore and the other from USA, who helped me with this. i used their culture to make this presentation, i added my culture too.

currently Switzerland's main religion is called Réforme. in Singapore i suppose there are lots of Buddhist and christians. On the other hand USA is mostly catholic or just normal Christianity.
thanks for reading
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