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Bostic Paddle Wheel Boat Project

No description

Austin Simon

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Bostic Paddle Wheel Boat Project

Our Design Creating our paddle wheel boat was a multiple step process. First we designed our paddle boat. Next we got the materials we listed. Then we marked up the block of wood we got and had it cut. Then we glued the straws on the bottom (Our flotation device). We then sealed the ends of the straws with sticky tack and glue. Next we created the paddle out of two spoons. We then hammered in two push pins to hold the rubber band that would be added during testing. Finally we added pennies to the back of the boat as weights to keep the tip of the boat out of the water. Types of Paddle Wheel Boats History Paddle Wheel Boat/Steamer
By Ethan Bertrand & Geoffrey Simon What is a Paddle Wheel Boat? A paddle boat (Also known as a paddle steamer) is a riverboat powered by an engine that powers the paddle that moves the boat through the water. Paddle wheel boats are now not as popular as they were when they were invented because of the modern screw propeller that has higher efficiency. They are now more seen in the modern day on tour or pleasure boats There are two basic types of paddle wheel steamers. There are the stern-wheelers, which is a single paddle on the rear or there are the side-wheelers, where a paddle wheel is on either side. Stern-wheelers are more useful on a narrower river because they are more maneuverable (The two wheels can run at different speeds making it easier to turn, etc.). The use of the paddle wheel shows up with the mechanical design of the Roman engineer Vitruvius, in this he describes multi-geared paddle wheels working as a ship odometer. The firs mention of paddle wheels as a propulsion comes from De Rebus Bellicis.
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