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tiana pelman

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of seasons


By tiana
What are seasons
.Seasons are as old as the earth. We tell time by them,plan our calendar around then and look forward to what they bring
When do they occur
.Earth experiences season because our planet tilts 23.5 with its respect to its orbit towards the sun at the time.
The weather climate in each season
Summer:December to February.Tempretures up to 25c - 30c
autumn:March to may.Gets cooler
winter:June to August. Temperature reach to below 40c
spring:September to November.Starts to get warm
How and why do the seasons occur
The seasons occur because of the earths tilt and the sun ray reflection toward the earth makes summer and when the sun tilts away from the earth it becomes winter. During may, June and July the north hemisphere is exposed to more direct sunlight because the hemisphere faces the sun.The same is true on the southern hemisphere in November, December and January.It is the tilt of the earth that causes the sun to be higher in the sky during the summer months that increase the solar flux.This change causes the seasons.
Impact on animals
The changing on the weather impacts a lot of animals especially the polar bear.
When the bears are on the ice it means it is hunting season.They restore their body fat and fitness. But this very important time for storing up energy for the warm season when there is less ice and little available food is becoming dangerously limited.As the periods without food lengthen, the overall body condition of polar bears declines.In Hudson Bay, scientists have found the main cause of death in cubs to be either lack of food or lack of fat on nursing mothers.
Impact on a plant
Impact on our daily jobs

Usually people stay inside in the winter.Most people swim,sail,ride bikes, skateboards,scooters, or any other out side activities in the summer .
Trees get cut down and electric bills go WAY UP!!!!
If you are a farmer you can only grow curtain crops in winter.
If it rain and your a trades man you cant work in the rain because your tools will get wet.
If you are a air condition installer you are most likely to be put back on work in the winter.
The warmer currants in the summer you are most likely to catch marlin and mackerel due to the warmer currents
And in the winter snapper and jew fish.
In the summer you go water skiing and winter snow skiing.
The best time to visit Samoa is in may and October, during the country's dry season.During the wet season from November to April, the islands tend to squelch underfoot and receive the occasional battering from tropical cyclones; the last big storm to hit the region was Olaf, which blew across the area in early 2005.There are two distinct seasons in Samoa: a dry season from May to October and a wet season running from November to April. Average monthly minimum temperatures range from a low 20C , and maximum temperatures from the high 20C year round

The culture beliefs in Samoa
Weather temperature in the gold coast
The ideal temprutures for growing hibiscus plants rang between 65and 85 degrees fahrenheit
Data within the table which is in italic represents observations which have not been fully quality controlled a process which may take a number of months to complete gaps occur.
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