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Purple Week

No description

sowyer making

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Purple Week

Our "Gay-straight Alliance" ( the newer and more preferred term being Gender and Sexuality Alliance) is a group focused towards creating a safer space for students marginalized due to their gender or sexuality.
Bishops GSA
Purple Week 2014
Social Events
Education Sessions
meets every Friday @ 12:25
What we've done in 2014:
GSA blog
Valentines day

Why schools need a GSA
"But same-sex couples can
already marry!"
A common misconception about LGBT+ groups is that our only goal is marriage equality. This is far from the truth.
Our focus is on the student body - youth who are more concerned with being safe and being treated equally in their schools and homes
"GSA doesn't do anything for me!"
We also look to help in
issues that affect people of all sexualities and genders
GSA issues that affect everyone include:
Creating a safer school environment
Advocating for safe, healthy relationships
Helping to teach people on how to be more accepting to minority groups
A Slam Poem
by Alysia Harris & Aysha El Shamayleh
Presented by Brooke Head and Alora Making
*A slam poem is a rhythmic spoken word presentation, often focusing on individual struggles.
Question box celebratory dinner
GSA Secret Santa
Movie night @ Holy Heart
Purple week movie night
Although Bishops GSAs focus is on providing support for minority youth
"..but why the focus on LGBTQ+ youth?"
The prejudice faced by LGBTQ+ is far greater then those of their straight

cisgender* peers
"You have a voice, will you use it?"
Saying you support LGBTQ+ rights is one thing
support for LGBTQ+ peers in your day-to-day lives is mandatory to do so
Positively Supporting LGBTQ+ peers
Coming out
how to positively react to:
Whether it's gender or sexuality, a person coming out to you shows trust, they are expecting you to be supportive
Ask them who they've come out to
Tell them you'll be there for them
If in regards to gender: ask them what pronouns they use and when
Do not give this information out to anyone (unless they okay it first)
How to show support in
day-to-day speech
Leaving out LGBTQ+ people in day-to-day life leaves a huge impact on people in the community whether you realize it or not
Including LGBTQ+ people in your everyday speech takes very little effort and quietly shows support and acceptance to those who need it most.
If you don't know someone's pronouns use gender neutral pronouns like they/them.
In Canada, yes!
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