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The book entitled " The Pact" based on three young man wh

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Jovanna Diago

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The book entitled " The Pact" based on three young man wh

The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream
Important quotes
Quote 1: “Friends have more influence on one another lives than almost anyone else does especially in those teenage years when kids are trying to discover who they really are". - George Jenkins on "Peer Pressure"

Quote 2: "I knew that once i began medical school, the workload would be so demanding that I wouldn't have time for her. Then, after medical school, I'd have to do a residency,which would keep me even busier. I decided i would just forget about medical school, marry Kay and start our perfect family" - Rameck on "Lovesick"

Quote 3: "No one was happier for my mom than I was that she had finally realized her dream of buying a home. She'd been working so hard to help put me through college and dental school that at times i felt guilty. I worried that I was killing her. College, and medical school weren't the free ride that Sam,Rameck and I had expected." - George on "Old Ties"

Character Analysis
Rameck Hunt - Rameck was born in Newark, New Jersey in a dangerous area full of crime and violence. Even tho, Rameck has had his obstacles in the past intervening with the wrong group of people, he was an intelligent young boy with a successful future ahead of him. Rameck learned a lot from his critical past and is making it in the future with his pact, George and Sam as doctors.

George Jenkins- George Jenkins grew up around positive people who gave him nothing but a dream to reach. George was an achiever who was never on the streets like his friends and commiting crimes, he was always into his books and school work with full pride and dedication. He made it through high school with his two friends which is where the pact of becoming doctors started and from that point on George has reached his dream which was to become a dentist. George was nothing but a postive influence and successful man.

Sampson Davis - Sampson Davis grew up in very critical conditions such as living in a small house with five other siblings,troubled family,also dealing with violence and drugs. Despite his struggles Sampson was an excellent student with the shot of becoming someone in life. Sampson had to balacned being accectable in the streets and completing his school work, which was a tough challenge for him.

Themes of the book
One of the most important themes in the book is Friendship. The special bond between Rameck,Sam and George was so powerful because they had three things in common: All three wanted to get out of their bad neighborhoods, all three wanted to succeed in life, and most importantly all three wanted to become doctors. The pact is a grand example of their loyalty and trust towards one another while being someone significant in the future.
Theme of the book
Another theme of the book is Success. All young three men craved for success for the rest of their lives, they wanted to help their famalies out of the ghetto and put them in a better hometown, they didnot want to end up getting money by selling drugs on the street or joining gangs. Success was their motavation, also receving positive help from Carla in school kept them moving foward and never looking back again at their past.
Brief Summary
The book "The Pact" is based on how a friendship led to success in the future. Rameck,Sam and George write their experiences and struggles and how they overcome them. From, getting locked up, dealing with peer pressure, finding love and finally being proffesional doctors. The pact helped them with their dreams and journey of life, The pact and their special bond is what made them who they are today.
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