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Conflict and Communication with the Patriots Organization

No description

Connor Peck

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Conflict and Communication with the Patriots Organization

Communication is a main part in the workplace, especially for an NFL footall team
Communication on and off the football field is what make's good teams great
Bill Belichick uses a strange form of communication, he's very short spoken and doesn't explain himself very well. But the way he gets his message across professional is very impressive
This is how he earns his respect from the team
Communication Between Players
Tom Brady is by far one of the best communicators within the NFL
His fellow teammates respect him as an athlete and as a leader
He is able to get his point across
Calling plays during a football game is difficult, but Tom Brady makes it look easy
The Patriots are Successful Because...
Of their incredible team environment, conflict management, low tolerance for players poor behavior
Their great way of communicating goals and wants between different levels of command
Communication Between Owner and Coaches
Robert Kraft (owner) and Bill Bellichick (coach) have a great connection
They understand the wants of eachother and are great at communicating goals for their team
The great relationship has helped lead the Patriots to 4 Super Bowl victories over the past 20 years
Conflict within a Team Environment
Functional Conflict can help a team
There is obviously a great deal of diversity between players and that is a great conflict to overcome
Need to stay away from those players that conduct bad conflict also known as dysfunctional conflict
That is when trust is lost and team morale is destroyed
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