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Nikki Jackson Consulting

Finally, HR for HR

Juls Davis

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Nikki Jackson Consulting

Action 1:
What I've learned about collaborating
In short ________________________________________
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
Your plate
is very full, you're running out of ideas...
Instead you have this
...and out of time!
HR is feeling way too stagnant and stuck. It needs innovation and transformation, STAT!
to your HR problems
Nikki Jackson Consulting
We're HR for HR
Description of
Step Two
Step one
Contact Nikki Jackson Consulting. She focuses exclusively on working IN HR departments so what is delivered THROUGH HR is compelling and restorative.
Step four
The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
See the trend?
Action 2:
Action 3:
You wanted
this in your
HR Department
And now the HR department is the most
There wasn't a need for step two! Nikki will work hand in hand with your team and with your stakeholders (where applicable). She will be there with you to constantly review and assess
the HR's team momentum
towards transformation.
With Nikki's help, your HR team will be clear on its role and guiding values, its shared purpose and brand, and how to regain and maintain the trust of your stakeholders. HR leadership will know exactly how to remove obstacles to HR's growth and value and how to manage both what your department does and what people THINK your department does.
Contact Nikki Jackson
Work with Nikki on
Marvel in your newly
I can discuss my problems in HR with
Nikki Jackson ROCKS!
Visit my website!
Mobile device compatible!
Nikki Jackson, Esq., Principal Consultant
phone | 502-435-2432 • fax | 480-855-4202
email | nikkijacksonprojecthr@gmail.com
website | nikkijacksonconsulting.com
Transforming Organizations, One HR Department at a time
Steven L. Beshear, Governor Commonwealth of Kentucky
can be the
HR's impact.
awesomely impactful
with Nikki Jackson Consulting...
Nikki. She has been a VP of HR, CHRO,
Return Janet's call to say YES, I am available as a keynote speaker!
Feedback from Keynote Speeches
Tracy Richardson
HR Compensation Consultant at Humana
Nikki is an inspirational leader. I have worked with Nikki through the KYSHRM State Council but have also had the opportunity to see the initiatives she has led at the Personnel Cabinet. She has tremendous vision and the fortitude to implement tremendous organizational change strategy. The state of Kentucky is lucky to have her.
Lyle Hanna SPHR
President/CEO and Founder, Hanna Resource Group and Human Resources Consultant
Nikki is a dynamic, strategic thinker who brings fresh ideas and high energy to any business challenge. She adds tremendous value to every organization with which she is associated!
Larry A. Callahan
Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at Grady Health System
Nikki Jackson is an outstanding human resources professional. We worked together at Norton Healthcare, she is creative, strategic and understands the true value of human asset management. I would recommend Nikki to anyone seeking an outstanding HR executive.
Trasee Whitaker, SPHR
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Nikki brings creativity, strategic thinking, and a tremendous amount of expertise to everything she is involved in. I met Nikki two years ago as she was moving into the CHRO role with the Commonwealth. In a short time Nikki lead her team to develop and implement a cutting edge strategic plan that is recognized as a best practice now for other government agencies. Nikki is an engaged leader on the Kentucky SHRM State Council. She created a membership campaign in 2009 that was fun, impactful, and set a new standard for recruiting initiatives. I admire and respect Nikki and am honored to be her colleague and friend.
Get social with me!
-Every HR Organization has the potential to be amazingly great...like in a jaw-dropping way.
You just need to help them remove all obstacles to that greatness.
-HR Transformation is possible and doesn't have to take forever.
-So few consultants focus on HR for HR... somebody's got to do it!!!!
-Instead of standing for "Human Resources",
HR should stand for "Hope Restorers".
-All sectors could really use this kind of help
but especially public sector and higher education.
-Sometimes HR doesn't realize its own worth!
-Together with your clients, you can transform organizations, one HR department at a time!
NIKKI, remember these things as you build Nikki Jackson Consulting!
From my colleagues...
You can find me on LinkedIn

Nikki R. Jackson CHRO, Speaker, Writer, Attorney,
HR Transformation Executive, Possibility Illuminator
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area) Human Resources
Bring transformation to Human Resources!!
Nikki Jackson has served as Keynote speaker for more than 10 conferences around the country for organizations like: SHRM, HR Forum, PeopleAdmin, The National Chair Academy, CUPA-HR, IPMA and Talent Management Magazine's Annual Conferences.

She has also published several articles on HR Transformation and have been featured in national magazines on the same topic.
And the
employees who need your HR department are doing this:
developing a strategic
approach to assure
sustained improvement
invigorated and
HR department.
coveted and appreciated department in
the company...well, one of them!
and HR transformation agent for
several large organizations.
Even though Nikki is an attorney and
nationally recognized speaker and
writer, she is so down to earth. Her
style is disarming and light. She knows
how to make HR transformation seem
quick and possible.
Nikki is very accessible. She makes
herself available to her clients and
is not afraid of seemingly impossible
tasks. She helps navigate through
organizational cultural barriers to
HR transformation too!
I would like to attend another session by Ms. Jackson.
Nikki had a hard task of speaking at 7am, engaging and uplifting. She kept us all awake…incredibly dynamic.
One of the best speakers I have heard so far at the conference this year, very inspirational. Nikki knows how to relate with the audience. Appreciate the placement in time of the presentation and humor of the videos. Great sense of humor. Nikki was a great way to start the morning session.
Wonderful, very dynamic speaker.
Great singer, got goosebumps.
She’s a good speaker and singer. I just thought the content was a bit light.
Great professional session.
Loved the energy!
Nikki presented the information with enthusiasm and excitement. Great at keeping everyone engaged. Translated the topic to specific examples. Great job!
Great energy and humor mixed with information! Great voice too!
Excellent presenter.
Nikki truly is the HR turnaround Queen! All of us in Higher Ed need this transformation.
Amazing! Inspiring and easy to take to implement at our organizations.
You are awesome!
Please bring her back!
Very energetic, positive and engaging!
Great energy for a 7am session! It’s a shame for AZ that Nikki left.
Best presentation yet! There is hope for REAL transformation in HR!
Motivational - different.
Amazing speaker. Dynamic and engaging!
Very enthusiastic about the topic.
Nikki was awesome and engaging.
Incredibly positive and energetic, she makes transformation seem possible.
Engaging and personable, good mix of passion, humor and content.
Very energetic and engaging. Very enjoyable!
Professionally knowledgeable and personally delightful.
Mind-breaking, thoughtful and impactful.
Engaging and knowledgeable, great session!
Great speaker!
Feedback from Keynote Speeches
“As Secretary of Personnel, Nikki was instrumental in spearheading the strategic transformation of human resources management within state government. Under her leadership, the cabinet increased efficiencies, improved work practices and promoted innovation."

Steven L. Beshear, Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky
“Nikki Jackson is one of the select human resources professionals in this country who I have worked with who has the uncanny ability to understand the complexities of organizational issues, apply the correct solutions to create lasting organizational change. Nikki’s abilities as a visionary and strategic leader allows her to not just see the issues facing organizations today but in the future only enhances her as a HR professional. And finally, Nikki has an approach and style that allows her to quickly connect to those she meets.”

Al Cornish, System Vice president Learning and Organizational Development/CLO, Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY
Notes to self:
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