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Naruto Shippuden (better info)

No description

Jason D.

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Naruto Shippuden (better info)

Naruto shippuden... Naruto, the son of the forth hokage.
He is a special person because of the nine tailed beast that he can control. His master Jiyra died by a akatsuki member called pain. Jiyra's companions came to naruto and served naruto. Right now naruto has a special ability called Sage Mode because of the frogs help. Now he is up to the test to stop a man named Kabuto. Will he be able to stop him and his army? Minato, the fourth hokage and the father of naruto. He is called the Yellow Flash because of his extreme speed. He is very peaceful and patient. He is a very defensive person. Minato died from the nine tailed beast when naruto was just born. The nine tailed beast, naruto has a curse of this beast inside him. The beast has a HUGE amount of power to destruction. Tobito...? Oh yeah, he is a illusion master
and he is a member of the akutsuki... or
he used to be... Now he works with kabuto,
the master mind of the revival of of the dead.
Instead of zombie like, the dead are puppets
and he controls them to fight in the 4th ninja
war. At this point, tobito has made a new
6 path of pain, but he made a few changes.
They have both the rinegan and sharigon
eyes. This is a lady named Tuesnade,
she likes being called 'Lady Tuesnade.
She is the forth hokage of the ninja land.
Hokage means strong, willing leader.
Sorry that I dont know much about her :/
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