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OSE Learning While Earning

No description

Jenna Corcoran

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of OSE Learning While Earning

Transferable Skills
Transferable Skills
Transferable Skills
OSE Learning While Earning
Why do you work?
Weed out companies/fields you are not interested in for future employment endeavours
Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs)
You have to start somewhere!

Better understanding of the professional and ethical workplace requirements
For On Campus Employees it has been proven students graduate sooner and with higher GPA's when working under 20 hours an those wh do not work or work off campus
Leadership experiences
Other ways you can get involved!
Volunteer/Community Service
Student Government/Clubs and Organizations
Professional Development/Experience in Professionalism
Top 6 Experiences Recruiters are Looking for...
1. Internship
2. Leadership in a professional organization
3. Consulting project with a faculty member
4. Scholarly Research
5. Leadership in non-professional organization
6. Study Abroad
So, how do you get started?!
What you uncover as benefits along the way
Learn which management style you work best with
Enhance transferable skills connected to your major and the PULs
Build your references
Experience working as a team
Enhanced communication
How does working in college prepare me for my future career?
Identifying your motivations for working is the first step
Next Steps
Check out employment.uc.iupui.edu > Student Page for more guidance and resources on this process!
Finalize Your Profile
Upload a resume OR visit our office to make one!
Find opportunities that match up with your Job Search Action Plan
List potential opportunities you are interested in:
Research positions through biology department
Tutoring opportunities
Service/Hospitality industry
Outline your already busy schedule to identify open times to work around classes
Start your search!
You already have!
Do Your Research
Where can you find these positions to apply for them?
When can you work?
Log in to your Jagjobs.org Account
Also consider using outside application sites like IU Health & Charitable Advisors to find part-time college work experiences!
Don't forget you only have ??? Hours in a week!
How do you plan to manage your time in order to stay in school?
Work life Balance
Work Life Balance Calculator
Cozi Family Organizer
Way of Life
Self Control
Even the most successful high school student can struggle when college life begins...
What helped you stay on track?
App Assistance
Quick Tips
Take time for just you
Schedule in time with friends/socializing
Use a calendar to schedule weekly priorities
Add a time limit for tasks
Separate tasks by urgency and importance
Important/Not Urgent
Not Important/Urgent
Not Important/Not Urgent
Support the Division of Undergraduate Education by empowering undergraduate students to pursue and succeed in meaningful academically relevant college work experiences that enhance both academic and professional growth.
Office Information
Taylor Hall 3rd Floor
(317) 274-4856
Upcoming Programs & Events
IUPUI Part-Time Job Fair
First THURDAY of classes
10:00 AM-1:00PM
Taylor Hall Courtyard

Wanna know who is coming?!
Check out our website for a list of who is coming!
Experience in Professionalism
Series designed to enhance the professionalism of undergraduate students through workshop participation, development of professional application materials, and opportunities to test out your skill sets.
Workshops range from Job Search to Conflict Resolution, Communication to Your Financial Life
We offer an opportunity to learn from experts from the community and on campus
Test our your skills in an Experiential Learning environment
Receive an excellent professional packet and stipend for participation

Applications now being accepted at:
Drop-ins are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.
Schedule Online to meet with a consultant today!
Part-time job search strategies
Jagjobs assistance
Resume and cover letter development/review
Work-Study questions
Part-Time Interview Prep
Enhances your resume
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