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Customer Service

Chapter 1 and 2

Tyler Stelson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Customer Service

The Service Advantages Customer Service
Call Centers
Help Desks
Web-Based Companies
Customer Service Roles
Reactive Role
Proactive Role

The world today is a buyers market... Team Members Taylor Braun
Abbotsford High School, Work Experience?!?, UW-Stout
Holly Matuszak
Athens High School, County Market & US Bank, UW-Marathon County
Tyler Stelson
Spencer High School, Burnstad's Market & Greenscape Landscaping & Village of Spencer, UW-Whitewater The Customer's View Each individual effort matters
Serve as company liaison
Attitude is important
Put yourself in their shoes Importance of
Customer Service Customer
Needs and Wants *Benefits of negative comments from customers/positive comments Customer Loyalty Turn satisfied customers into loyal ones
Web and cellphone customer service representatives
Get personal Identify Customers What are prospects?
What are external customers?
Identify who your external customers are
Ask question, and do surveys
What are internal customers?
Help them do their job
Increase productivity and profit of company Discovering
Customer Needs Methods
Meet with top customers
Suggestion boxes, comment cards, surveys
Analyze customer database
Look at competition Respond Effectively Use customer data
Employees get feedback
Get that feedback to people in the company that can help Sell Benefits, Not features
Compare features and benefits
Highlight benefits
Show you're an expert Activity Activity 1 "left hanging"
Directions: Everyone stand up, ask everyone to get in a circle and job in place. They must go like this until one of us say "stop". NO MATTER WHAT! Activity 2 "Never say NEVER"
Directions: Role playing game, the presenters (Tyler, holly, &Taylor) will come to the "customer service rep" with a complaint. It is up to the rep to try and diffuse the situation. WITHOUT saying "no", "never" or "not" or any other negative word.
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