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Luk Chard

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of test

Baeza's profile Alberto Campo Baeza born in Valladolid (1946)
achieving more with less is Campo Baeza's ultimate aim Awards First Award for the Spanish Pavilion in the Biennale of Venice (2000)
Award of the Bienal de Miami (2000) and the COAM Award (2002) for the Blas House
COAB Award (2003) for the Centre BIT in Majorca
COAAO Award (2003)
Award Architecture in Stone, for the Almeria Offices Turegano House Located in Pozuelo, Madrid, Spain

Completed in 1988

“Best of the best” among architects’ designs that were chosen LIGHT AS A MOVEMENT/JOURNEY



DIMENSIONS: 10 X 10 X 10 (metres) IMPLEMENTATION Function / Spaces service area
served area Floor Plan Light Entry Gaspar House Minimalist form of architecture
Built in 1992
Located in cadiz, spain near Guerrero house
Design derived from client’s request of total independence “hortus conclusus”
Play of air and light Concept
Hortus conclusus – principal of total independence
Courtyard house with continuous horizontal spaces
Presence of nature used
Restraint - simple Spaces Square of 18 metres on plan
Main plan is divided into three equal spaces, with the central only being covered
Services placed on the side
Double symmetry Exterior
white coating & glazed surfaces De Blas House De Blas House
Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza
Client: Francisco De Blas
Years of Construction: 1999-2000
Location: Sevilla La Neuva, Madrid, Spain
The client insisted that the emotions and thoughts should be
considered as part of the construction materials Concept
House split into two components

Balance between opaque and transparent space.

A box of concrete well carved in the mountain and a light steel structure on top that disappear in the landscape.

Basement - serves as a refuge from winter cold and summer heat. Concept
Glazed structure - on top gave protection from wind

The effect of looking through the small square opening in the basement is as if the landscape was far from reach.

The glazed structure on the roof provides a magnificent view point and also give the impression that you are in nature. Materials
Reinforced Concrete
Best aesthetic solution
Structurally most straight forward

Steel & Glass
Protect upper part from wind
Precast panels is also used on the upper part GUERRERO HOUSE Concept
the house is the construction of a luminous shadow.
purity & minimalist as alberto’s designed concept.
Symmetrical space planning.
air & light
grid space Guerrero house located miles on a green field which miles away from a the town, and there is close to another’s alberto’s masterpiece, Casa Gaspar. Since the house has been named with Luminous shadow, yet it have clearly show that, the design concept is mainly focus on how playing the light

Shadow casting of different time.

Natural light brighten interior is not strong, jst perfectly comfortable.

White wall to reflect light into house. Design Concept (grid space)
The planning of space of guerrero house is start from grid, and from the grid alberto try to moved and seperated all functioning space into both side and well balances. The design of the house also clearly showing that the house was actually symmetrical to each side and tired, the heart( center point) of the house also clearly noted).

Alberto used of simple landscape inside the house to mark down where the grid. This is how alberto do a grid planning and there was the oranges trees to point out the grid. Olnick House Olnick House
Profound tranquility
Located in a place where the air is clean and calm, and mild.
Orthogonal forms built of concrete, glass and steel.
The platform resembles a large table with ten legs.
Seems close to heaven Site Plan Bird's eye view Alberto's sketches Drawings Exterior views Interior views ANDALUCIA’S MUSEUM OF MEMORY Location : Granada, Andalucía, Spain
Client : Caja de Granada
Structure : Building - Reinforced concrete
Ramp - Steel
Project Area : 15.000 sqm
Project Year : 2006 - 2009 Located on the edge of town at the foot of the Sierra Nevada between two hills. Granada, Spain Building Functions
Museum: Podium Building (Basement Level and Ground Floor)
Temporal exhibitions: Podium Building (First Floor)
Workshops: Podium Building (Basement Level)
Theater with retractile stands: Podium Building
Library and mediatheque: Screen Building
Restaurant: Last floor of the Screen Building Design concept
- Balance and symmetrical
- Light and shadow Sketches Drawings Exterior Interior DAY CARE CENTRE FOR BENETTON Basic information
Building Location: Ponzano Veneto, Treviso , Italy
Client: Benetton Group Spa
Project Area: 1,868 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007

Predominent material: Concrete
Other materials: glass & wood

Strong links with its old town of origin, Treviso
Keen to offer his help in creating a children’s centre Design Concept The children have understood the building well, and a book has even been published of their impressions. They are happy there! Moliner House Basic informations
Location : Zaragoza, Spain
Project Area : 216 sqm
Project Year : 2006
Construction Year: 2008 Concept
use only primary geometric forms
rejection of decoration
pure, dazzling whiteness
conveys a sense of timelessness Compromised of 3 levels to create an astonishing effect without the influence of superfluous elements.
uses relatively simple elegant designs structure's beauty is also determined by playing with lighting,
basic geometric shapes as outlines,
using only a single shape for design unity, Sketches in conclusion, Moliner House might be more simple than we might have imagined That is all by the Alberto Campo Baeza group.
THANK YOU! one of the most
shining architects of the Spanish panorama
recognised by his awards, publications and exhibitions
simplicity, purist, rationalism, awareness of materiality usage
distinctive trademark : light
wide usage of white in his designs outcome : an architectural beauty to admire
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