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The san Andreas Fault

No description

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of The san Andreas Fault

The san Andreas Fault
What type of boundry?
The San Andreas Fault is a continental transformed fault. A transformed Fault is a fault occurring at the boundary between two plates of the earth's crust.
Where is it?
The San Andreas Fault Extends through California southward to San Bernardino.
Events that ocurred
Events that have ocurred at the San Andreas Fault are eathquakes. There was two major earthqukes that ocurred the one of 1906 and of 1989.
1906 earhtquake
At almost 5:12 am the foreshock began and strength was felt throughout the Bay area. 20 seconds later the earthquake broke out close to the epicenter. It was felt by southern oregon to south los Angeles.
1989 earthquake
The earthquake of 1989 was a major earthquake that struck the San Francisco bay area. It was the strongest earthquake since 1906. It caused thousands of injuries and 60 deaths.
Personal accounts
"For me to describe the scences and events of the past few days would be and impossibility at present at no doubt will have more news regarding the awful fate of this city."
1906 earthquake
Personal accounts
"I heard an incredible noise through the stadium. The vendor sigh swayed and I turned to my left to see waves of concrete running along the course towards me."
1989 earthquake
By. Hillary and Tianna
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