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Julie Houseman

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of LEVELS OF COMEDY

LEVELS OF COMEDY What Is Comedy? A broad category of work designed to entertain and
to amuse an audience. 1. Values are social and determined by society
2. Characters are determined by their role in society
3. Often end with a restoration of social order 1. Low Comedy What is Low Comedy?
The most primitive type of comedy-- intended solely for having fun
Little intellectual appeal
Crude and primitive-- focuses on sex and "bathroom" humor
Examples: slapstick, puns, drunkenness, physical and verbal violence, clownishness COMEDY OF MANNERS WHAT IS COMEDY OF MANNERS?
The most comfortable/ familiar type of comedy
Humor is directed at conventions of society
Focus on domestic/ social situations
Characters are recognizable-- like people we know
More civilized than low comedy; contains witty, sometimes brilliant, intellectual dialogue 3. SATIRE 4. COMEDY OF CHAOS SATIRE
Most critical and uncomortable type of humor-- generates mocking and scorn
Targets = human/ indvidual vice, follies, social injustice
The attempt is to bring about improvement
Purpose is NOT humor but to attack/ criticize
Satirists mean to persuade and influence beliefs and actions Comedy of Chaos
Laughs at a world that has gotten out of control
View of the world as a madhouse-- man can do nothing but laugh at the hopelessness of his situation
Examples include theater of the absurd and black comedy (treats sinister subjects like death, disease, and dysfunction with bitter amusement)
Hopeful in that this sense of chaos will not prevail 5. HIGH COMEDY HIGH COMEDY
A sophisticated comedy that satirizes genteel (upper class) society
Usually takes place in a magical land; asks audience to accept the impossible
Ends with a "happy ever after"
Establishes a power of understanding that allows man to accept one another and to bestow forgiveness
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