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If I Stay presentation

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Steele VanDenBerghe

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of If I Stay presentation

If I Stay If I Stay By- Gayle Forman About the Author Gayle Forman
Born on June 5th, 1970 (42 years old)
Lives in Brooklyn, New York
Wrote a sequel called "Where She Went"
Mainly writes books for children and young-adults.
Began her writing career by writing for several magazines such as...
Summary The story is from Mia's point of view and takes place over the course of one excruciating long day. A snow storm hits causing a snow day for Mia and Teddy. The family decided that the snow wasn't that bad and made a trip to their grandparents. On the way there, they get in a horrific car accident. Mia first thinks she survived the accident and then goes looking for her brother, but finds her body instead. She immediately realizes her parents are dead, but feels no physical or emotional pain. Her out of body experience leads to her to following her body to the hospital where she goes into surgery and ends up in a coma. All day long she has family visiting and her boyfriends many attempts to go and see her. A nurse mentions to her grandparents that it is not the medicine that will save her, it's all her decision. The whole story is her a battle against herself debating whether or not she wants to follow her parents and stay. There are constant flashbacks to times she had with her family and friends that she now misses. She's waffling back and forth until she finds out that Teddy had also died. This, and her grandfather basically giving her permission to leave because of the pain shes been through, sets her off and her body in the physical world ends up having health problems. Her spiraling out of control makes her realize that she really can decide whether or not she can leave. At the very end, Adam finally gets to visit her, and when he holds her hand, for the first time she can feel. She wakes up. Characters Mia Hall
Lives in Oregon. 17 years old, senior
Quiet, shy. Feels out of place.
Plays the cello
Adam Wilde
18 years old, freshman in college
Mia's boyfriend
Plays guitar and sings in his band,
Shooting Star.
Quotes "Kids were nice enough to me, but they tended to treat me as if I were a grown up. Another teacher. And you don't flirt with your teacher." (34)

MIA Young-Adult Fiction Kat & Denny Hall
Mia's parents. Cool.
Her mom is a "tough as nails, tender as kittens feminist bitch"
Her father used to be in a rock band but is now a teacher. His rock n' roll look now very hipster.
Teddy Hall
Mia's kid brother
7 years old
Him and Mia are very close Kim Schein
Mia's bestfriend
Also quiet and studious.
Quotes "I want to be like my body, quiet and lifeless, putty in someone else's hands. I don't have the energy for this decision." (174)

MIA Quotes "It's okay if you have to leave us. It's okay if you want to stop fighting." (118)

GRAMPS Quotes "...I'm feeling things at last. I'm feeling not just physical pain, but all that I have lost..." (233)

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