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Cabeza de Vaca

No description

Sarah Son

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Cabeza de Vaca

The Expedition Cabeza de Vaca They managed to build some rafts, but another hurricane hit. The Spaniards, lost and starving, were forced to eat their horses, and used horse legs to store their water. They survived partly because indians tribes believed they had powers to heal. They were naked, and constantly starving They were amazed of the Coahuiltecans ability to run for long periods of time. We believe that the king might have been able to convert some natives into christians because of their healing powers... After crossing the Atlantic, the spanish fleet was destroyed by a hurricane. The expedition was split into two. One to explore land... and one to explore sea. Cabeza de Vaca struggled to stay alive. He was enslaved by indians for two years... ...but gained some freedom by being known as a medicine man and healer. After several years, he met up with three other survivors. The four escaped from the tribes that had enslaved them, and began to walk... F o o d They met up with the Coahuiltecans along their journey across the gulf coast. The Coahuiltecans ate almost anything. ...but he wouldn't have been able to find glory or gold. Although Cabeza de Vaca was enslaved, his relationship with the natives wasn't too bad because he was known for his... healing powers! Cabeza de Vaca's journey helped the spaniards learn about the new world... This was Cabeza de Vaca's route. They discovered things they had never seen before! THE END Thanks for watching! When the land expedition went back to the boats, they were gone! Sources-
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