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Among the Haunted

No description

blake smith

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Among the Haunted

Among The Haunted The Salina Central Stage Ghost For years the story of Joyce, Salina Central high schools stage ghost, has haunted the minds of many teachers and students. For those who don’t know Joyce was a petite, blonde beauty and one of the most popular students at Washington High School in 1949. Before graduating in the spring of 1949 Joyce played the major roll of Grazia in the drama Death Takes a Holiday. When death’s holiday was finished, so was Grazia life, as death took her with him at the end of the play. After Joyce’s graduation she headed off to college at the University of Kansas. In 1950, during the spring semester of her freshmen year almost a year to the day of her roll in Death Takes a Holiday, Joyce was killed in a head-on car crash. Two years later the new Salina High was opened, later named Salina Central High School. The story goes that the ghost of Joyce found a home in the main stage curtains at Salina High, which were carried on into the new auditorium at Salina Central. Always Lendig a helping had, Joyce was credited with whispering lines to forgetful thespians, steadying actors when they are about to trip, and blinking lights at the appropriate time during the shows. The Second Ghost of Central's Halls It has been said that an unidentified former teacher who had passed away, came back to the places were she loved to play tricks on the nigh shift janitors. Paranormal Activities by unidenified teacher:
various creepy noises,
random footsteps with no one to claim them
unexplainable slamming of doors
flickering of lights throughout the school
turn up the janitors radios so that they and others around cannot hear what she is doing Two Types of Ghosts Residual ghost is haunting shows you a scene or some type of image that does not appear to recognize you, see you, or interact with you Examples:
seeing a ghost performing what looks like regular things, as if they are not aware of their death
be a ghost walking into a wall and disappearing without noticing you.
Intelligent haunting means that a ghost, or disembodied voice, would try to communicate with you directly. They would speak to you, or stop and seem to look directly at you, or even touch you. ashville high school
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