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Childhood Obesity

No description

Lascelles Boothe

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Childhood Obesity

Summary Essential Question How does School Lunch Programs contributes to childhood obesity in grades K-8? Child Nutrition and Women Infants Act Societal Changes Towards
Childhood Obesity Food Pyramid Transformation
Lets Move Campaign
Jamie Oliver Revolution Food Pyramid Transformation Essential Question Food Pyramid Vs. Food Plate Defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from: muscle, bone, water, or combination of these factors. Age Facts 2-5 (yrs) increased from 5% to 13.9%
6-11 (yrs) increased from 4% to 19.6%
12-19 (yrs) increased from 6.1% to 17.4%
Since 2003-2004 Answer Childhood Obesity Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act Found by:Daniel L. Millimet This legislation places the responsibility for school’s to develop a wellness policy at the local level, so that the individual’s needs of each local education agency can be addressed. Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act This act was very strict about the rules and regulations schools must follow. Let's Move Campaign Jamie Oliver Calorie Determination Female 4-8:1400-1600 cal
9-13:1600-2000 cal
14-18: 2000 cal Male 4-8: 1400-1600
9-13: 1800-2,200
14-18: 2,400-2,800 School Lunch programs can contribute to Childhood obesity: Three years ago First Lady Michelle Obama went on a mission to fight against Childhood Obesity in America. By: Lascelles Boothe, Jr The goal was to raise a healthier generation. Awarded TED Prize, to create a strong movement
Started his revolution in the United States
TV Show
Transformed school lunches with nutritious meals Revolution has Begun: New Haven, CT
Boulder Valley, Co
Washington DC
Ventura, CA These Districts have removed the option of flavored milk and replaced it with plain white milk. Child Nutrition and Women Infants Act Potential Health Effects High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure
Joint problems
Social and Psychological problems
Type 2 Diabetes
Several types of cancers
Heart Disease Actionable Change Product Achievements Serve Processed foods
Serve flavored milk
Serve sugary drinks
School's don't follow the Acts created Legislation Passed in 2010 Passed in 2004 Has been around
for 20 years Re-simplifies the food groups. Obese Overview Opening Statement
Topic/Essential Question
Definition of Obesity
Health Diseases
interview With Chef Jeff
Competetive Foods
Calorie Determination
Food pyramid Transformation
Let's Move Campaign
Food Revolution
Actionable Change Product
Conclusion Obesity.org Processed Foods Hot Dogs
Ham, etc Frequently high in calories. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Flavored Milk About 70% of milk consumed in schools is flavored. Low-fat chocolate milk is the most common choice. Chocolate milk will average 2.5 teaspoons of added sugars Jamie Oliver Questions or Comments? Competitive Foods Students have access to:
Vending Machines
Other Venues CDC Solutions School's can encourage parents to be evolved.
Ban vending machines usage

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