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Miss Cook

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Timetoast

What is Timetoast? Timetoast is a free website that allows users to create timelines for any events that they want for any time period in the CE. Features of Timetoast View and create an unlimited number of CE timelines on any topic
Print the timelines out as text
Publish timelines to share with anyone
Link websites, videos, or articles to the timelines
Add images to the timelines How Timetoast Works Using Timetoast in History Class Students will learn the progression of events over time using Timetoast. An American history teacher could assign pairs of students a historical figure to track throughout a unit, each day adding a new key event this person was involved in to their timeline. At the end of the unit, the pairs would then present their timeline to the class. Using Timetoast in Science Class To show students the progression of events over time using Timetoast a science teacher could create a timeline showing the changes in engine types. This would give students a broad overview of engines as a unit opener. Using Timetoast in English Class To show progression of events over time and show when various authors lived an English teacher could have students choose their favorite author to write a report on and have the students create a timeline of the author’s life to present to the class. The teacher could then create a timeline with all the authors showing their lifespans to show the class when each author lived. Timetoast Example http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/john-dillingers-life
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