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literature circles

No description

Trevor Ross

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of literature circles

Trevor's Circle
jacksons box and or circle
Jared's circle
The Researcher: My job as researcher was to dig a little deeper about John Wyndham and what was happening during the time when he wrote the
William and Jared
We chose this song because
it supports the acceptance of differences and is firmly against discrimination.
In the time long after the tribulation, people in the town of Waknuk had grown to despise all mutant life. They believed themselves "sacred" in the eyes of God as well as they believed themselves to be the true image. Anyone who dissagreed with them was punished severely. We believe that the author is trying to send us a subliminal message through the book. This message is that no one should be excluded from society just because they are different.
Director- these are the sketches for my tableaus
book. John wrote this book during the cold war, which was between the americans and the Soviet union. It started in 1947 and ended in 1991 by nuclear war. Mr. Wyndham based his novel on what the affects of the nuclear attack could be. According to John Wyndham the events of the nuclear war created mutants. They would be declared mutants if they has an extra limb or body part like Sophie, or if they had a special ability like David. The mutants have to leave and go to the Fringes. Some people thought this book was 98% five star novel except for the climax. Any of the other writers who wrote a book about or after the cold was over, focused on what happened during the cold war. John decided to make a book about the aftermath of the war. During the time of the book everyone lives in awe of the “old people” whose might built marvels, yet they believe god sent Tribulation. That is why all mutants are banished to the fringes everyone must be in gods image. John Wyndham helped a lot of kids believe that there were people out there who could “telepath” which gave them hope. John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris was born in 10 July 1903 and died at the age of 65 on the 11 of March 1969. He usually went by shorter names like John Wyndham, Lucas Parkes or Beynon Harris so they weren’t as long. John Wyndham started off his career as an English science fiction writer who used the setting of post-apocalyptic in a lot of his work. I think he wrote about the after math of the cold war because it was a big part of his life, after witnessing all of it and maybe seeing it. I think he wrote about the after affects because he could have seen someone with a weird disease from the nuclear attack.
By: KJ Ralf
The Writer / Luminator
The call came out of nowhere and brought with it an excruciating pain. I tried to ignore it but in trying so I only made it worse. What could possibly make Petra this scared? Again I closed my mind hoping that it would go away but the scream only intensified. Normally Petra’s fits didn’t last this long…oh no. Something must be terribly wrong. I raised my head from my studies and concentrated, focusing on the cry. It seemed to be coming from the west woods just 10 minutes from David’s house. Rushing outside I grabbed my bow and quiver making sure that I had plenty of arrows because something told me that I was going to need them. Then having checked over my arrows, I saddled my horse and made off for the West Woods.
The woods were denser than I had seen them for quite some time. I was rarely in the wood for fear of the fringes people that lived nearby. After about three minutes in, the forest floor became so crowded with fallen branches that my horse had difficulty moving forward. It was oddly quite except for the sound of Petra’s crying that still rang clearly in my head. In fact the cry had intensified since I had entered the woods meaning I must have been getting close. Over to my left I heard something move in the bushes. I stopped dead and raised my bow poised to shoot. A horse trotted out from the bush and his rider turned to face me and smiled. It was David.
David what on earth is going on?” David inched his finger over to his lips and then pointed to a clearing to the north. There lay a monstrous deviation that was devouring Petra’s pony. It was unlike any Deviation I had ever seen before. It easily stood at least 6 feet tall and rested on four muscly legs that ended in paws with razor sharp talons. Its face was battered and a long scar reached across its left eye. The entire creature was covered head to tail with bristly brown fur like a suit of armor. In my days I had never seen something as ferocious as what stood before me now. If I don’t kill it now it could kill all of us.
“Fire.” David understood exactly what I meant and took out the gun he had with him, catching the creature’s attention with the sudden movement. The deviation jumped towards David letting loose a great roar. David’s startled horse reared up causing David’s shot to miss. I let a volley of arrows loose and watched as they soared towards the hulking deviation. My first arrow stayed true and struck the beast in the throat while my other arrows veered off and hit it in the rear. With gurgle the creature hit the ground and slumped into the silence of death. Just then Michael showed up.
“Where is she?” I said trying to catch my breath. All of us looked around the clearing hoping to find Petra. I happened to catch a glimpse of something high up in a tree. There about 12 feet up in a tree was Petra, sobbing her eyes out. I rode over to her and tried to calm her down. “There there, everything is going to be alright. You’re safe now.” Still Petra refused to stop crying. The crying inside my head grew louder as Petra continued to wail. “David do something!” David thought long and hard staring at his feet. Wow can David ever be incompetent. If he doesn’t get Petra under control soon I am going to go deaf. I looked up at him and saw him talking to Michael. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard of him. It must be tough looking after a younger sibling especially one with… The thoughts Petra was sending intensified. That.
I rewrote this section of the book in Rosalind’s perspective for three main reasons. The first reason in that in the novel it is only in the perspective of David. This means that we never figure out what other people thought of him. By switching to Rosalind’s perspective I was able to show another character’s opinion on David which helps to build his overall character. My second reason for the switch is that since it is from Rosalind’s perspective you can now read how she thinks and get a better understanding of how she works. Last but not least, I chose this scene because it is a pivotal moment in section 2 and provided an excellent opportunity to portray someone else’s perspective.
This picture is a map of Waknuk and the Fringes, as referred to by the local people. In the center of the map you can see the town of Waknuk and the surrounding farm houses. The town contains Alan's father's blacksmith shop, town hall, and many small houses. On the bottom there is the Strorm's and on the far left the Wender's, representing the distance David had to travel to meet up with Sophie. The forest surrounding th etown is the Fringes, "where nothing was dependable, and where … the Devil struts his wide estates, and the laws of God are mocked" (20). This is where those with a mutation are sent if they wish to live. The other picture is a book cover for The Chrysalids showing the scene where Alan sees Sophie's six-toed footprint in the sand by the river. This has been my illustrator stuff.
In this connection I chose to conect to the reationship between the humans and the mutants. I connected to the movie the X-Men: Final Stand. In this movie the humans have already made mutant laws and designated living areas for the mutants. Then they talk about getting a cure for the mutants. The mutants get confused because they don't think that what they have is a disease. The broadcaster says the mutants don't have to take the cure. Then later in the movie the bad mutants attack the humans for making a cure and then the government makes them take the cure at any means necessary even if they have to shoot it into them. This relates to the book because the mutants don't get a say like the mutants in the movie. If the people in the book developed a cure the mutants would surely have to take it or die. The mutants aren't also aloud near the humans and they also have the Fringes which is a designated living areas and they don't think what they have is a deviation.
Connection #1
Connection #2
The author John Wyndham wrote this book with a strong message in mind and through his writing he hoped to pass it on. The Chrysalids was written just after the conclusion of World War II back when people were still highly discriminatory towards the Jews. We believe that the conflict in the book between the mutants and the norms was meant to mirror the conflict between the Jews and the Nazis.
By: William Carroll
Throught the entire novel John's character David questions the status quo and is even willing to leave everything behind to defend his cause. A determination like that is what John Wyndham is trying to inspire in all of us. That is the message of the novel.
Brief Summary Points
They learn Petra can use thought shapes
Petra goes out into the woods and is attacked by a deviation
Anne gets married to Alan
Alan is murdered by uncle Axel and Anne commits suicide
Wyndam J. (1955) The Chrysalids New York Reveiw of Books
"Michael Jackson Black or White with Lyrics - YouTube." YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjZwi_PJiio>.
In this connection i chose to connect to the part when Petra is stuck in the tree with the creature waiting for her underneath and then David, Rosiland and Micheal show up and save her. I connected to the book White Cave Escape. In that book a 5 kids are stuck in a forest fire trying to survive. In that book there is a scene where one of the kids are stuck in a tree with a bear waiting for her underneath and the other kids help her by scaring the bear away. In both books this demonstrates the chemistry between the kids and teamwork.
David Strorm is the protaganist in the small town of Waknuk. Waknuk is in Labrador and it is like most towns except for two things: it is right after the cold war, and the affects of the cold war cause mutations of the people. David is a normal kid playing when he meets Sophie, a little girl who lives on the outside of Waknuk. Everything seems normal about Sohpie until she losses her shoe and instead of five two she has six toes. Unlike David's family he doesn't mind mutants, he thinks they are like everyone else. Sophie and David become friends and get together all the time. Their friends ship is ruined when they are playing a boy comes over and finds Sohpie's six toes. Sophie and her family are forced to run away from Waknuk hoping to save their daughter. A couple weeks later David is helping his uncle Axel and is talking to someone. The only thing is there is no one there he is talking throuhg his mind. Uncle Axel makes David promises not to tell anyone he is a mutant. David finds out abut the other mutants with the same ability as him. When nobody around David would talk to them and discuss a lot of different things: farming , school and chores. Petra (David's little sister) has the ability David and the other kids have, the only thing is she isn't very good at controlling them yet. Whenever she is scared or happy she sends out thought waves that hurt the other kids. One day when David is going to Petra for lessons to control her powers he finds that she is missing. He "calls" for help to the other kids and runs away on his horse to find his little sister. They find her in the woods being attacked by a ginat creature, just before David can do anything volleys of arrows slam into the beasts side. Rosalind and Michael come into the clearing with arrows ready. After their long day of excitement David and Petra head home. David can't stop thinking about what would happen if they found out about Petra; he thinks about packing food just in case he has to leave in a hurry. Ironically that night Rosalind is screaming at him in his head to wake, up grab
Petra food and run. David and Petra escape to where Rosalind is hiding and learn the twins have been caught. They are going to come after them next.
For our conclusion we decided to relate this book to One Tribe by the Black Eyed Peas. Trevor picked out this song and so he shall do the honours of explaining why.
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