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Latin America

No description

McKenzie Rowley

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Latin America

Mr. Smeaders trip to
Latin America The Bahamas, Poza Rica, Mexico The first stop is Nassau, Bahamas While there he will. . . . . . . and. . . . go on a
Rose Island Robinsin
Crusoe Cruise and. . . . Go snorkeling with colorful
fish and tame sharks. Go on a
SUB Bahamas adventure, Cuzco, Peru, The next stop is Cuzco,Peru. The first thing
on the list is

Rafting in the Urubama river Next he will go horse
Back Riding in
Sacsughluman. The last thing he will do in
Cuzco,Peru is go see Korikancha. The last stop on the trip
is Poza Rica, Mexico. He will go see the El Tajin Ruins, He will go to
Tecolutla, Veracruz to explore, And his last stop until he goes home
is. . . . . . Going see the Voladoras Flying Pole Dancers. Hope you'll enjoy your trip
Mr. Smeader! :)
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