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frederique pesch

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

thank you for watching what are they fighting about? The conflict is important because China and Japan are both large and important countries. Further disagreement or even war over the islands would destabilize the region (Asia). This will be very negative for its people and the economy. why is this conflict important? Neighbouring countries are concerned because China is very powerful. In addition China fears that the US is interfering in the conflict. This complicates the conflict over the 5 islands. conflict facts -The five islands have been under Japanese rule since 1895!
-China agreed to leave its claim on the five islands in the back burner.
-Due to changes in Japanese politics to nationalize the islands China has stepped up its effort to lay claim on the islands too.
by frederique pesch China,Japan and Taiwan conflict They are fighting about 5 islands. Japan, China and Taiwan all claim these 5 islands. Tensions over the islands have escelated after Japan bought the islands from a private owner. what complicates the conflict?
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