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Wolves and Their Amazing Abilities

No description

Darren Lee

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Wolves and Their Amazing Abilities

Wolves and Their Amazing Abilities
Think you are in the middle of no where. Just you, snow, and the woods ahead. You think you are alone, but think again
What would most people think about wolves
Most people would think that a wolf is a savage, a killer, a bad omen. How come, why, is it because all the fables and stories we've made? Is the wolf a really misunderstood creature? Yes. A
wolf is passive as long as you keep your

Wolves hunt in packs. They use their keen sense of smell to track and hunt their prey. Wolves hunt a variety of animals to fill their grumbling belly. They hunt ptarmigan, moose, elk, goslings, deer, bull moose, mouse, rodent, beaver, rabbit, fish, goose, duck, bison, fox, muskrat, berries/fruits(if needed, they are carnivores), and more.
Wolves can live almost anywhere. One pack may live way up in the frigid north while another pack may live in the heat of the desert.


Types of Wolves
Wolves are very cunning. Their ancestors date back to around the time of the dinosaurs. There
are many types of wolves. There are gray wolves
arctic wolves, dire wolves( extinct ), mexican
wolves, red wolves, and many more.
Life Cycle
Young Adult
Thank you for listening XD watching :)
Howl you doing?
?Any Questions?
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